Jasper’s very happy New Year

Just over a week ago, things were looking pretty bleak for Jasper, a 12 year old Collie cross. His owner was seriously ill and the family were unable to keep him. He was taken to a vet to be put to sleep the day before New Year’s eve. As Jasper was in good health, the vet was very reluctant to euthanase him – but the practice were closing for the New Year and were unable to keep him for more than another day.

Luckily, the vet called an Oldies Club volunteer, and a last minute rescue operation swung into action. Then suddenly – disaster, the volunteer fosterers car would not start, and there was no time to reschedule. Oldies Club Fundraising coordinator Ange stepped in and offered to take Jasper for a few days, to save his life.

A week later and there’s a happy ever after, Jasper is staying with Ange and her family for good. You can read Ange’s blog posts about Jasper (and see more of her wonderful photos) here.

Jasper and Ange