Tess (German Shepherd Dog Rescue, Gloucester)


Gorgeous Tess is a 10 year old, black and tan, short-coated German Shepherd lady looking for a new home through no fault of her own, but due to her owner’s ill health. This lovely, mature lady is currently in kennels and hoping to find a home soon with the help of the German Shepherd Dog Rescue in Gloucester.

Tess can be strong on lead when excited but getting her used to wearing a head collar would be easy (when done a bit at a time with treats when she puts her nose through it etc.) and will eliminate the issue. She is good off-lead with good recall. She does not go far away, preferring to stay close to you. Tess is very treat orientated and takes them very nicely.

Tess is a very clever girl and is used to doing tasks for her previous owner, like fetching the phone and opening doors. She can live with children who respect the needs of an older lady, but would like a pet-free home to enjoy all the attention. Tess has been spayed.

Tess doesn’t deserve to be in kennels and just wants a loving family and a warm home.
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Please do consider adopting this lovely girl and contact German Shepherd Dog Rescue as follows:

Tel: 01702 544974
Mobile: 07842 574929

Please mention that you saw Tess on the Oldies Club website.


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