URGENT! Best Boy Bob needs a foster home (Oldies Club)

Gentleman Bob is a rather stunning, 8-9 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier/Lurcher Cross sporting a lovely, glossy black/sable coat and distinguished grey muzzle. Bob came into the Oldies Club rescue after his owner sadly had to give him up after he lost his home. Bob is in an Oldies Club foster home in Enfield, Middlesex, but he needs to move urgently because his carer is going away. As we don’t have any suitable foster homes available, we are appealing for someone to come forward and offer to foster Bob while he waits for a permanent home. If you can’t foster him, please would you share this appeal?

Although we are initially seeking a foster home, we would be happy to hear from anyone wanting to foster Bob with a view to subsequent adoption. He’s so endearing, you will want to keep him forever anyway.

Sadly, if we can’t find Bob another foster home, we will have no choice but to place him in kennels, which would be a huge shame and possible setback for this gorgeous lad.

At home: Bob settled into his foster home after just a day or two and is proving to be a lovely boy, adapt at making himself comfortable, but always close by. He is clean in the home and completely house-trained. He’s quiet and laid-back but does like lots of fuss and attention. Bob likes to snooze on the sofa or his bed and tends to get excited only when it’s time for food, walks, treats and playtime, but he is always very gentle. He’s not much into toys but will occasionally chase a ball when the mood takes him. At night-time, he sleeps quietly in his own bed until it’s time to get up.

Personality: Bob is a very loving, people-dog and loves human company, smiling and tail wagging for any attention. He is obedient, sometimes a little selectively, but knows all his basic commands: sit, wait, down, come here, paw, lie down. Bob’s smart and learns very quickly.

Likes to have company: Although Bob can be left on his own for a couple of hours occasionally, he does need an owner who is around a lot of the day. He is non-destructive, but he tends to bark/whine for a while and doesn’t really settle until you come home. You will get a joyous welcome on your return as he’s so happy to see you home.

Fine with older children: Bob loves people and he is a gentle dog with food, but he can get quite boisterous when he’s excited and so wouldn’t be suitable with small children as he could knock them over. Any children in the home should be 8+ years; he would enjoy their company and is always up for playtime.

Out and about: Bob tends to ignore most other dogs, cats, birds, horses, cows – he just looks at them and then carries on. He does not like some dogs; he is not overly keen on small dogs and will tell them off if they get too close. He’s used to being the only pet in the home.

Loves good walks: Bob loves going out for a walk and is enjoying two walks a day. He was always kept on the lead in his previous home as he is selective about recall. He pulls at first but soon settles and is okay on the lead, slowing down as soon as the lead tightens.

Good in the car: Bob is used travelling and is good in the car. He soon settles down and sometimes likes to look out of the window.

Bob’s favourites: People, food, walks, playtime and lots of cuddles.

Bob’s dislikes: Not much bothers Bob, but he does not like thunder and will shake (but he was okay with a bird-scarer).

Bob’s ideal home: Bob would like a pet-free home with active, retired people or someone working from home ideally as he loves to be with his people, especially if they have lots of time for him. A nice garden where he could have a good run around with his ball would be a plus.

Health notes: Bob has been vet checked and is in excellent health. He has good eyesight, hearing and teeth. He’s in good condition with a lovely, shiny coat and is about the perfect weight of around 20kg. He is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and flea/worm treated.

Bob in a few words: Very loving, loyal, gentle, cheeky but so cute with it.

Bob’s foster carer says:“He is simply a lovely lad who responds with such pleasure to any fuss and attention. He likes to play and end up with his legs in the air ready for tummy tickles. Bob tends to get over-excited and enthusiastic when you return home and he jumps up, but this is being worked on. He enjoys a brush, but views a bath/water with disdain and disappears quickly! He’s got such a sweet personality and just wants to please; you can’t help but fall In love with him.”


If you could offer Bob a suitable foster home, please contact us as follows:

Telephone: 0844 586 8656
Email: carolyn@oldies.org.uk

Oldies Club will arrange transport to the foster home and will cover the cost of any medical care Bob might need while he is in foster. You can read more about fostering for Oldies Club here.

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