Lucky – girl (Dogs Trust West Calder, Scotland)

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Lucky is an 8 year old Collie Cross girl, at Dogs Trust West Calder, Scotland, who, unbelievably, hasn’t yet been lucky when it comes to finding her new home. Lucky is simply gorgeous and she is a real character too.

Lucky would like to introduce herself by way of a short video of her enjoying a game of fetch:

And if you enjoyed that short video, here is another one, but this time she is enjoying a good old roll on the grass:

And while we’re on a bit of a video roll, here is one of her playing and enjoying a training session with her carer:

Being a collie-based creature, Lucky adores tennis balls and she will play for as long you are willing to throw for her. And after a good game of fetch at Dogs Trust she loves to roll around in her blankets and then have a sleepy afternoon snooze.

Despite being a fun-loving girl, Lucky also has a sensitive side and she gets worried by loud noises and passing traffic. She would therefore like a lovely rural home with peaceful places to walk. She also needs a secure garden to play in and also to relax in and do some deep collie-style thinking and philosophising.

Lucky prefers to not have to be bothered by other dogs on walks and she might snap at them if they get in her face, so nice quiet walks are best for this beautiful princess. She walks like a dream on the lead, and she must stay on the lead as she will run away if she is suddenly spooked by a loud noise. On the lead, if she gets a fright, she will pull to go back home, bless her.

Lucky enjoys going out in the car, so will be happy to have a journey to find somewhere nice and quiet to walk. Lucky isn’t always in the mood for a walk though, and on those occasions you just need to accept that if this pretty princess doesn’t want to do it, she isn’t going to do it. :)

Lucky needs a calm, adult-only home where she is a single pet. As she is a shy girl, she would like to get to know you at her own pace, so you will need to visit her a view times at Dogs Trust West Calder so that she then feels confident to go home with you.

Dogs Trust told us: “Lucky is very affectionate when she knows you and she will tell you what she likes and when she wants attention. She enjoys a tummy rub, a game of tug/fetch and generally someone to spoil her. She will allow grooming with a soft brush for a little while but she doesn’t like to be restrained. Lucky is full of mischief! A princess really. She likes peanut butter, a tennis ball, rolling in the grass and listening to Disney music. She lives in our office and is spoiled. She loves to chase after water from the hose. She is just a diva!”

Lucky can be rehomed throughout the UK, but you will need to be able to visit her a few times before taking her home. Although Lucky is needing a permanent new home, Dogs Trust would also consider an offer of a foster home for Lucky, provided it was a suitable environment with experienced dog owners.

If you would like to offer Lucky the home she has been waiting for, please contact Dogs Trust West Calder as follows:

Tel: 01506 873459

Please mention that you saw Lucky featured on the Oldies Club website.

This replaces Lucky’s original Oldies Club page dated 22 February 2017.

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