Max and Roxy (Dunroamin K9 Rescue, Yorkshire)

These two beauties are Max and Roxy and they are a delightful pair of Rotties. Since Max is the oldest and the official oldie of the pair, we will let him tell his and Roxy’s story.

‘Hi, I’m Max and this here is my good friend Roxie. I am 7 so I am well qualified to be on this website. Roxy is a younger 6, but since she is with me she gets to go on as well, as an unofficial oldie!

We are very sad because our owner recently died. So we are  now looking for a new home with the help of our friends at Dunroamin K9 Rescue.’

‘We were very much loved and well looked after. We love each other and would like to stay together in a new home. It may seem like a lot to bring two big dogs into your home, but we are very well behaved!’

‘We have lived with cats before and had visits from children. We do get very excited to see the little ones, so maybe it would be best if we lived with older kids who could play with us. We love our toys and going for walks.

We are here waiting for someone who has a really big heart that can be filled with twice the Rottie love!

XXX Max and Roxy’

Max and Roxy promise they will love you forever. If you have the space in your heart and home for that love, please contact Dunroamin K9 Rescue as follows:

Phone:   Lynda  0787 857 2343 or  Debbie  0797 982 3694

Or use their online contact form: click here.

Please say you saw Max and Roxy on the Oldies Club website.

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