Paddy (National Animal Welfare Trust, Somerset)

Paddy the Beagle is a gorgeous 10 year old boy.  He has been at National Animal Welfare Trust in Somerset for a few months now, waiting for the right home offer to come along. Paddy is a very sweet chap but he is a little shy and likes to take his time to get to know new people.

If you are the kind person that Beagley Paddy has been waiting to hear from, you will need to be able to visit him in Somerset a number of times before taking him home so that he can get to know you at his own pace. Your patience will be well rewarded though, as you can see when you watch gorgeous Paddy in this cute little video:

Paddy has a gentle face, beautiful soulful eyes and those adorable Beagle ears. Beagles are such intelligent and entertaining dogs, with funny little ways that will have you smiling even on the bleakest of days. And they’re a nice medium size too, compact yet sturdy.

Paddy is a fun-loving boy who loves playing with his toys, has a fantastic retrieve and loves to play fetch. He cannot wait to have a nice secure garden of his own to play fetch in to his heart’s content.

He walks well on the lead and enjoys a good walk or a run in the park, apart from when it’s raining! And of course, being a scent hound, Paddy loves nothing more than being out and about, having a good old sniff!

Paddy needs a patient owner as it can take a while for him to get to know and trust you, especially when it comes to handling and grooming, but once he has placed his trust in you he will be a fantastic friend.

Paddy would like a quiet, adult only home where someone is around most of the time as he is not used to being on his own and he really enjoys having company. He would suit an active older person, or someone who works from home and has plenty of time to give him. Paddy wants to be your special, treasured companion.

Paddy is fine when he meets other dogs and could possibly live with another dog as long as they got along well when they met. He would prefer to not live with cats.

NAWT sent us this update on gorgeous Paddy:

We get a fair bit of interest in Paddy but we are yet to find that “special” someone. The main thing holding Paddy back is the fact that he needs to get to know someone over a period of time. He needs to trust your hands before he’s comfortable enough for you to handle him (a lot of people just want to come and take him there and then). The fact that he would do best with a 1-2-1 relationship, as that is what he has been used to in the past, seems to be difficult to find. He wouldn’t be one for a busy household with a lot of people visiting or coming and going. Paddy is on medication for arthritis which also hinders his homing potential… the price for this equates to approximately £5.20 a week.

So we need someone really special and dedicated enough to build up a relationship with him over a period of time and who lives alone or as a couple with a wealth of dog experience. A quiet household with minimal visitors, or a home where his family are happy for him to go to a separate area away from visitors when they do come. Paddy is affectionate but in his own way. He’s not going to be a dog that wants to sit with you on the sofa or have you fussing him every moment he’s around. An independent chap, unless there is food around, and then he becomes very vocal, demanding and will try to bully you into feeding him!”

It’s true, Beagles do love their food. And they have fabulous, quirky characters. You really won’t regret offering a home to a Beagle!

If you enjoy a game of fetch and are looking for a fun friend, and can visit Somerset a few times, look no further as Paddy could be the boy for you! To enquire about this gorgeous chap, please contact National Animal Welfare Trust in Somerset as follows:

Tel: 01458 252656
Or fill in NAWT Somerset’s enquiry form here.

Please mention that you saw Paddy featured as Old Dog of the Week on the Oldies Club website.

This replaces Paddy’s original Oldies Club page dated 21 June 2016.

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