Peggy (Cefni German Shepherd Rescue, kennelled South Yorkshire)


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This is pretty, 7 year old Peggy who has been with Cefni German Shepherd Rescue a while, since being found as a stray in Manchester. Peggy sadly wasn’t claimed but was lucky to find a safe place with Cefni while waiting for a new home.

Peggy spent Christmas in kennels
Tinsel’s pretty, but it’s not enough to make kennels feel Christmassy

After Christmas, Peggy went to a foster home for a while. She settled in quickly and was very good and very happy there, but then her foster carer injured herself and could no longer keep Peggy. So Peggy’s back in kennels in South Yorkshire and must wonder if she will ever find a home.

Peggy was very happy in her temporary foster home
A happy, playful Peggy when she was in foster

Peggy is a playful, fun-loving girl who is very good with people, but as she’s a stray and her history isn’t known, any children in her new home will need to be aged at least 9, preferably teenagers, and be sensible and used to large dogs. Peggy doesn’t like cats.

Peggy is an intelligent, independent kind of girl and would be best in a GSD-experienced home. Peggy needs to be your only dog as she doesn’t like being around dogs. Cefni are slowly working on this in kennels, but her new owners will need to work on socialising her with other dogs slowly. The way Peggy tries to keep dogs away from her indicates that she has been attacked in the past and feels she has to make lots of noise to keep dogs away. She is a strong girl and is best walked with a Halti style headcollar.

Cefni cannot stress enough how lovely Peggy is with people. She loves a tickle behind the ear and she is a cheeky monkey who enjoys sitting on your feet! She is quite bewildered about why she is living in a kennel again, but Cefni are trying to make her time as fun and pleasant as is possible in kennels.

When she was in foster care, Peggy quickly settled into home life and was a loving, cuddly girl. She was very clean in the house and she settled down nicely in her dog bed at night. She would alert her foster mum if there was someone outside, but she was friendly and loving with visitors once she knew they were friends and were welcome in the house.

Peggy is microchipped and vaccinated and Cefni have a Manchester Dogs Home free neutering voucher for her.

Cefni told us: “Peggy is a very friendly, loving girl once she knows you. She will certainly protect you and she is an excellent companion and also fun to be with. She is loyal and compassionate towards you too. When she first came to us she was quiet and had this big wall in front of her, probably scared, nervous and shell-shocked with being a stray and having to fend for herself. She certainly has turned around and now has an amazing, loyal attitude towards us.

Peggy has a Facebook blog here. It might not be obvious on the blog that Peggy is back in kennels, but sadly she is.

Gorgeous Peggy needs to find a new home as soon as possible, before kennel life becomes too depressing for her. Could you offer her a home with a nice comfortable rug for her to munch her treats on?

Peggy wants to be back in a home again!

If you can’t offer a permanent home but would like to foster Peggy, perhaps with a view to adopting her, Cefni would still love to hear from you.
If you want to help Peggy, please contact Cefni German Shepherd Rescue as follows:

Tel: 01623 624068
Mob: 07894 881484
Or you can complete Cefni’s application form here.

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