Raffa (Dogs Trust, Merseyside)

Please meet the very handsome Raffa who is looking for a very special someone to come and take him home with them.  He is a lovely big Crossbreed boy who is 8 years old and at present, is in the care of Dogs Trust in Merseyside.

Dear sweet Raffa is quite a nervous boy who is worried by a lot of different things.  He has not been socialised and needs someone who is patient and willing to take the time to get to know him by visiting the centre several times so he begins to feel safe and secure with you.

Your patience will be rewarded as he begins to build a strong bond and his true self is revealed showing what a beautiful and loving boy he is.  He has a fun side and is a very playful boy when the mood takes him too.

When he is out and about apart from his walks, his favourite thing is rolling on the ground and having a whale of a time which is wonderful to see.  Just beware if it is muddy though, as you will need to have a towel handy to dry him off afterwards and probably for yourself too as he is sure to make sure you don’t miss out on the fun as well!

Raffa is incredibly affectionate once he knows you and adores plenty of cuddles and fuss.  He is looking for a quieter home without any children and where someone is around most of the time.  He has not been around other dogs either for the last few years, so will need gentle and slow socialisation. (The rescue’s Behaviour Adviser is always on hand to give any advice needed)

He would enjoy a nice walk everyday preferably in a rural area away from any busy roads or the noise from traffic and also somewhere that he is not too likely to come across too many other dogs along the way.

He is in good health for his age and is fully housetrained.  Please note:  Raffa will be rehomed under the rescue’s Shared Adoption Scheme, which means any veterinary treatment he may require in the future will be paid for by the Dogs Trust. (Please contact the rescue centre for more details)

Raffa is a shy and gentle soul and whoever is lucky enough to adopt him will gain a very loyal and loving friend.  So if you think you could give darling Raffa a loving new home and would like to find out more, then please contact Dogs Trust as follows:

Please Phone: 0151 480 0660  (Mon–Fri 8am–8pm) (Sat & Sun 8.30am–5pm)
If you would like to find out more about adopting Raffa, please click here for more details’

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