Roxy (Cefni German Shepherd Rescue, South Yorkshire)

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Super fluffy Roxy is a 10 year old German Shepherd lady in the care of Cefni German Shepherd Rescue at their kennels in South Yorkshire. Fostering her is an option as she would love to be in a proper home!

Of course, dreams of having a forever home with a human or two to devote herself to, with no competition from other pets, fields to frolic in and woods to snuffle in. She can practically see it now…

Sweetie Roxy has been in kennels for nearly a year after the dog warden removed her from her previous owner due to welfare concerns. It was thought she might be happy to live with one male dog and she was fostered for a while (with a view to adoption) with a lovely male GSD called Bruce.

Sadly it was not meant to be. Roxy found that Bruce needing telling what to do and especially what not to do almost all the time! Having to keep him in line meant she barely got a minute’s peace ;) …. and Bruce certainly didn’t! She did enjoy a little time off duty – to express her inner clown. You’ll want the sound on for the ending…

We wanted to upload this little video of Roxy & Bruce when Roxy first arrived at our home. Roxy decided she wanted to say hello to the fish too….

Posted by Roxy's Kennel Blog – Cefni GSD Rescue on Saturday, 15 October 2016


With people she trusts Roxy is attentive and soppy. She’s a big fluff ball who will nuzzle into you and gaze at you with total adoration! To build trust with her simply takes treats and time.

Although, on a recent grooming day at the kennels she went happily into an unknown bathroom with some volunteers she’d never met, jumped into the bath, was content to be washed and even blow-dried. Turning her into a sweet smelling giant pom-pom!

Roxy pre-bath on grooming day, wondering who all these kind seeming people are?

Roxy is extremely bright and already knows basic commands: sit, paw, back, slowly, lay down and wait. Being very alert makes the kennel environment quite a trial for her. She’s getting more and more concerned about the other dogs. She doesn’t like to meet other dogs up close. Small ones are alarmingly quick and big ones are alarming, well, big! On walks, she will keep an eye on where any other dogs are but, if they’re at a safe distance, she will still get on with the important business of sniffing around and playing with her person.

Cefni say of Roxy, “Roxy has beautiful deep piercing chocolate brown eyes which you can read so much into – she just wants to be loved by you. She has a cheeky way about her and certainly enjoys treats. Give her a good bone to nibble on, pigs ears, tripe sticks, filled bones and Roxy is your best friend! She is a very loyal girl who will thrive in a new home – not only will she enjoy being cuddled up with you, she will also totally love running through woods and fields sniffing and jumping about in the grass.”

If you could offer Roxy the love, freedom and routine home life she seeks,  please contact Cefni German Shepherd Rescue as follows:

Tel: 01623 624068 or Mob: 07894 881484
Or you can complete Cefni’s application form here.

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