URGENT! Sasha needs a foster home! (Oldies Club)

Stylish Sasha did find a home, but she now needs to come back into the Oldies Club rescue urgently. We don’t have any suitable foster homes available and so we are appealing for a foster home for Sasha. She needs to be the only dog but she can live with confident cats and older children. If you can’t foster lovely Sasha, please would you share this appeal to help her?

Although we are initially seeking a foster home, we would be very happy to hear from anyone wanting to foster Sasha with a view to adopting her.

Sasha is a 10 year old Japanese Akita, a true beauty, who would best suit people with experience of the Akita or similar Spitz breeds. She’s doesn’t want “in your face” affection but once she lets you into her heart she’ll want to be near you all the time!


A good girl in the home: Sasha was a good girl at her original foster home, but it took her 4 to 5 weeks to feel at home. She is perfectly clean in the home. Her adopters told us: “Sasha will respond to any human who is kind, gives her time, space and gains her trust. Once she trusts you she will do her best to please and is obedient to most commands most of the time. She likes to get up at about 8am, do her business, have brekky and then doze on a floor somewhere, often on her own, till 1 – 2pm. Then she looks out for signs of a walk or company.”

Can be left for a few hours: Her adopters say that Sasha is good when left on her own for a couple of hours and she gets excited when you return.

Needs careful introductions to dogs: Sasha lived with dogs in her original foster home (one male, one female) but at first she was grumpy with them. Out and about she will ignore other dogs unless they come up and annoy her – she doesn’t like them in her face and might lunge at them, especially little, quick dogs. Sasha isn’t used to playing with dogs and she seems to get upset when they play in front of her, unless they are separated off and then she watches them with curiosity as if she doesn’t understand play. We think Sasha would be best as an only dog.


Generally good with cats: Sasha completely ignored her original foster carer’s cat so should be fine to live with confident cats, given sensible introductions. Her adopter says that Sasha can be protective of her food when other animals are around.

OK with teenagers: In her foster home, Sasha was good with a visiting, dog savvy 10 year old. She should be OK to live with sensible teenagers as long as they’re not too boisterous.


Strong on the lead at first: Sasha really LOVES her walks and pulls a bit at the start. She’s used to staying on the lead, walking nicely in her harness unless she sees a dog, duck, etc. that she wants to get to! Even if she pulls or lunges, she is controllable with a bit of effort, assuming you’re of average strength. Rural living is such a novelty to her that she’s too excitable to be let off lead in the countryside, but this doesn’t dampen her enjoyment of a good walkies! Her adopter has let her off lead and says that she doesn’t go too far from you and will return for treats.


Loves the car: Sasha is very happy to get in the car. She finds car rides thrilling! Who knows what adventures lie ahead?

Sasha’s favourite things: Walks are the all time best thing ever! She’ll dance about in ecstasy as soon as her lead is produced. Afterwards she likes to sleep a lot to recover from the excitement.


Sasha doesn’t like… The Vets: She doesn’t like being messed about with and has to wear a muzzle at the vets. She also seems to be scared of being shut in confined spaces, including small rooms. She tends to be a protective girl and can snap to warn off people or other animals.

Sasha’s ideal home: She would love to have someone at home with her most of the time. She’ll happily lie around all day with her human nearby. A couple of 30-40 minute walks a day would be perfect.

Health notes: Sasha is spayed, vaccinated, microchipped and worm/flea treated. She had a course of antibiotics and an antibacterial wash for a skin infection which cleared up well. She takes pain killers for sore hips.


Sasha’s foster carer said: She likes being brushed, tolerates being washed. She rarely barks and is happy to stay downstairs at night. She eats more or less anything and has very good manners, sitting and waiting until she is told she can have her food.

Sasha’s adopter says:Sasha loves her walks, especially if it is combined with a trip in the car. She loves the countryside and never tries to leave the garden on her own. She enjoys training with treats and is bright and responsive. Sasha is a lovely dog and deserves a gentle, loving home with the right owners and hopefully no other dogs.”

If you could offer Sasha a suitable foster home, please contact us as follows:

Email: fosterrecruit@oldies.org.uk

Oldies Club will arrange transport to the foster home and will cover the cost of any medical care Sasha might need while she is in foster. You can read more about fostering for Oldies Club here.

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