Yoshi (Friends of Akitas Trust, Derbyshire)


Introducing the caring and attentive Yoshi! He’s a big, cuddly Akita who’s in the care of Friends of Akitas Trust and is currently in Derbyshire.

They say, “Yoshi is very gentle and as a result shows no signs at all of toy or food guarding. He would prefer a home as an only pet as he has lived as such all his life and prefers his human family for company. He has lived with children and enjoys their company so could live in a home with dog aware children.

“This stunning boy is literally your best friend in waiting. He is extremely loving and affectionate and enjoys spending time with his family, either simply following you about with you daily goings on, or settling down together for a nice long cuddle.

“Yoshi is very obedient and knows a range of commands including waiting for his food, paw, sit and various other requests. His training could easily be furthered due to him being very treat motivated, eagerly performing tricks for his biscuit which he takes very gently without prompting.


“A true gentleman is what can best describe Yoshi, he is everything you could ask from a best friend, attentive, loyal, comforting and very loving. He also has a playful side and likes to run in circles around the garden or will even play fetch (a rarity for an Akita!).

“He walks well with the aid of a head collar and can be quite strong without, so his new owners may want to continue with this method. He travels well in the car and is always eager to go out exploring!”

If you want the big, fluffy cuddles and erudite company of this Very Good Boy please contact Friends of Akitas Trust as follows:

Phone Julie on  07738 638 091

E-mail:  julie@friendsofakitas.co.uk

Please say that you saw Yoshi on the Oldies Club website.


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