Justin (Bernwood Springer Rescue, Buckinghamshire)


18/5/08 – Great news: Justin has already found a new home. He’s off to live with a fantastic family, and it was love at first sight!

Justin is an 8-year-old Sprollie (Springer x Collie). This handsome boy was abandoned and found in a ditch in a very weak and distressed state. He is now in need of a cosy new home and lots of TLC!

Justin is a beautiful 8-year-old Sprollie (Springer x Collie) who came over from Ireland after being found in a ditch in a very weak and distressed state. He is now in foster in Buckinghamshire for Bernwood Springer Rescue.

After all he has been through, Justin now needs a warm and loving retirement home, where he will get the home comforts he deserves. He is gentle, affectionate, housetrained and very good with other dogs.

While in foster, it has become apparant that Justin may be deaf. But although his hearing may be failing, he is great on and off lead and in the house. Obviously, caution would need to be taken if any dangers are around off-lead. He will occasionally bark if a door is closed on him, but if a hand is placed on his neck and a finger waved to tell him “no” he settles straight away!


Justin is vaccinated and neutered and seems in good health.

For further information about this handsome boy, please call Jackie on:

Tel.: 01844 201271

Please mention that you saw Justin on the Oldies Club website.