This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.

Basil (Bernwood Springer Rescue, Lincolnshire)


Basil has found a home.


This easy going lad is Basil, an 8 year old English Springer who is in foster care at the moment under the care of Bernwood Springer Rescue in Lincolnshire.

This gorgeous boy is looking for a quiet retirement home where he can enjoy some nice walks and then stretch out on a comfy bed. He is very good with children, but would prefer to have them round for tea rather than living in! We all know how tiring young children can be!

Basil is behaving extremely well with his foster family, he walks well, mixes with other dogs and is not possessive over food or toys. As he likes a quiet life, living with a younger dog would probably not be suitable. When you get to Basil’s time of life you just can’t be doing with too much excitement!!

Although, looking at this photo, he is still game for watersports if the mood takes him!

Basil is on medication as follows:-
Tablets twice a day to control epilepsy, which is under control with no fits for months.
Piriton to stop him chewing his feet.
He is absolutely fine while on the recommended doses. Otherwise he is a fit healthy lad. His previous owner has pledged to pay for his medication for life. It is only a change of circumstances which mean his previous owner can no longer keep him.
Basil is neutered and vaccinated.

Springers are great companions and Basil is no exception. If you can give Basil the peaceful haven that he is looking for then please contact as follows:-

Sally Thomas- 01472 388577

Or contact through the Bernwood Springer Rescue website

Please mention that you saw Basil on the Oldies Club website

Rehoming Policy:-
We will home check and home anywhere in the UK if possible.
We do try to transport too but would prefer potential owners to see dog.

Rehomed This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.