This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.

Dougal (English Springer Spaniel Welfare, Suffolk)

2/4/11 Dougal has found a new home!


Ten year old Dougal is a recently retired Prison Service worker. Having spent his life in service, it is unfortunate that his retirement home has not worked out since he is not used to living with children or cats. He now finds himself in the care of ESSW where he hopes he can find his perfect home soon so he can get on with enjoying his well-deserved retirement.

Dougal is a very handsome and lively Springer Spaniel boy who specialises in training people to play ball with him! He is very focussed, especially on his ball, loves to play and is a very active and lively boy.

Being an older boy who was used to a strict routine, Dougal is somewhat set in his ways and will require rather firm handling. He doesn’t like having other dogs entering his personal space and will grumble at them. He also does not want to live with children or cats. He is, however, a very nice boy who is good with people.

The assessor at ESSW felt that Dougal was unused to walking on a lead, but he soon responded to some loose lead training, which can be worked on. He settled very quickly when the assessor arrived and didn’t mind being handled by him at all.

Dougal would be happy in an active, adult retirement home, and after the working life he’s led, he really deserves one. He is in very good health and really just needs a place to settle and enjoy his retirement.

If you think you can offer Dougal a place to call home, please contact her area co-ordinator Rebecca Downie at ESSW as follows:

Tel: 01473 658314

You can also complete the ESSW adoption application form on the ESSW website.

Please mention that you saw Dougal on the Oldies Club website.

Rehomed This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.