This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.

Pirin (Private rehoming, Edinburgh)

27/1/2011 Pirin has found a wonderful new home already, after being spotted on the Oldies Club website. She’ll have everything she needs and is already settling in :)


Wow – isn’t she cute! This gorgeous crossbreed girl is Pirin and she’s being rehomed privately due to a change in her owner’s circumstances. She needs a new home before April, so please read on to see if she’s the girl for you, then contact her owner as soon as you can.

Pirin is ten years old and she’s small to medium sized. She’s a sensitive, loving and very sweet natured girl who loves to have a cuddle on your lap and get plenty of hugs and kisses.

Outdoors Pirin is still very energetic and she enjoys going for two walks every day and playing tug of war with a stuffed toy. Indoors though, she’s quite calm and will happily curl up in her bed – which usually happens to be the sofa as you can see from her photo below.

You can’t beat a long snooze on a comfy sofa!

Pirin would like to be the only pet in her new home, but she loves children and would fit well into a family environment. She enjoys human company so a home with someone who is around a lot during the day would be ideal for her. Plenty of fuss and cuddles are always appreciated, but she does enjoy some peace and quiet too so any children would need to be sensitive to her needs.

Pirin is spayed and has no medical problems.


If you’d like to offer this scrumptious little crossbreed a new home, please contact her owner, Sydny, as follows;

Tel: 07889 816 485

Please mention that you saw Pirin on the Oldies Club website.

Prospective adopters will be homechecked by Sydny or an Oldies Club volunteer. Sydny has confirmed that until April 2011 she will be able to take Pirin back if the rehoming doesn’t work out for any reason.


Oldies Club suggests you read our article Questions for Adopters which is written to help people who are planning to adopt a dog from a private owner rather than a rescue.

Rehomed This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.