This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.

Quail (Animal Helpline, Peterborough)

3/10/2011 Wonderful news from Animal Helpline .. Quail has gone to a new home and is doing well. She was first spotted on the Oldies Club website.


Quail is a gorgeous lady Mastiff X who is about 7 or 8 years old. Quail was rescued from the pound in May 2010, by Animal Helpline in Peterborough, but has sadly had no sign of a home offer.

She may be a large lady but Quail is absolutely brilliant on the lead — she walks by your side, so is a pleasure to walk. She loves to be with people and really appreciates a fuss, so will make a lovely companion for her new owner. She is also good with other dogs and is sharing her kennel with Maple — they are pictured together below:

Quail is so fed up of being in kennels, and loves being with people so much, that she gets very excited when someone approaches her kennel, and so you might, mistakenly, think that she’d be difficult to handle. But this isn’t the case at all. Here is what a couple of people that have walked Quail have to say about this sweet girl:

“I’ve walked her a couple of times and she is quite excited as you come out of the kennels (as you would expect), but she soon settles down. She likes to walk at your side. She also loves a cuddle too. She can be touched all over and takes a treat very gently. She gets on well with her male kennel mate. She behaved well when we met other dogs too. All round a smashing girl.”

“Quail is one of those dogs who is so different once she gets out of her kennel. I hope people will realise that when they see her and give her the chance she deserves.”

Animal Helpline would like Quail to go to a home with someone who is experienced with large breeds. Any children in her new home should be about 12+ years old — simply because Quail is a large dog and she can be quite excitable at times. Quail is a fit and healthy, happy girl and she enjoys her food. She’s just an all round great dog.

Who could resist this gorgeous face?:

Here’s a final summary of Quail from our contact at Animal Helpline:

“She is such a lovely girl but she is always overlooked. She is still sharing her kennel with Maple who she is pictured with. They are very bouncy and loveable. Quail just doesn’t present herself very well in the kennel as she gets excited and barks and Maple is jumping up. When Quail is out she soon settles down. She has waited far too long for the home she deserves. I think she will make a very affectionate and loyal companion who will bond really well with her family.”

If you like your ladies large and lovely, Quail could be the dog for you. If you could offer her a permanent home, please don’t delay — Quail’s been waiting long enough.


Please contact Animal Helpline as follows:

Tel: 01780 783331 or Mobile: 07849 637862 (Ros)
Tel: 01223 729562 or Mobile: 07825 814718 (Tracey)

Please mention that you saw Quail on the Oldies Club website.


This entry replaces Quail’s original dated 2nd August 2010

Rehomed This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.