This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.
In Loving Memory: Sadly, this animal has now passed away.

Bald Bruno, now called Toby – Special Sheltie (Oldies Club, fostered Sth. Yorkshire)

30.4.2014 We have just heard the very sad news that little Bruno, renamed Toby in his wonderful new home, has had to be put to sleep. We received this email from his owners, who did everything they could for this little lad and gave him some really happy times in his final year. In the end, it wasn’t Toby’s Cushings that got him but a very aggressive oral melanoma. We are thinking of them at this sad time and are so very grateful for what they did for Toby. Sleep tight little boy!

“It is with great sadness that Roger and I have to tell you that little Toby had to be put to sleep yesterday morning.
On Sunday he was at his brightest, so full of himself, everyone said how well he looked, he positively shone with life and enthusiasm and ‘Tobiness’! It’s like he was gifting us a chance to see the dog he would have become had he lived. He had finally overcome all his Cushings problems. He was free of the constant eye, ear and skin infections. Even his bowel problems were cured. His hair was growing back and he had his figure back, no more baggy belly! He might have been a little dog, but he had a huge personality and heart and through all his troubles his little tail NEVER stopped wagging and he was always full of Woofiness! He was loved by all who met him and always brought a smile to lighten peoples day, (even the most miserable ones just couldn’t help themselves) when they saw him wearing one of his many coats and hats!
On Monday morning he was a different dog! He got up to greet me but fell over. He had no woof woof and only just managed a weak wag of the tip of his tail. He’d had another bleed from his mouth. He didn’t want to stand up so he went to the vets in his favourite bed. Once there we gave him a sedative to send him to sleep so his last memory was with his ‘pack’ round him, in his own bed, after a little piece of dog treat and not of a needle in his leg. He drifted off to sleep and passed peacefully away at 10.45.
We are devastated to have lost him so soon having fought so hard for his health. He might have been a little dog but he has left an enormous hole in our hearts and will never be forgotten.
His is being cremated today and we have brought a rose bush called ‘Always Remembered’ to plant in the garden in his memory.
Thank you for giving us the privilege of adopting Toby. No one who met him will ever forget him.
with sadness
Chris and Roger”

2/1/13 Bruno has gone to his new home!


Bruno is a 9 year old Shetland Sheepdog boy whose owner had dementia and went into a home. Bruno then spent 6 weeks in kennels before coming into Oldies Club care. He is in an Oldies Club foster home in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, waiting for someone to offer him a permanent home.

We were told by Bruno’s owner’s family that Bruno had been suffering from alopecia for a while, but our vet has found that Bruno in fact has Cushings, and it is the untreated Cushings that has caused the hair loss. Now that Bruno is being treated for Cushings, his hair should grow back. Oldies Club will pay for Bruno’s Cushings medication for life, so please don’t let that put you off finding out more about this special Sheltie boy.

Settled quickly in foster: Bruno arrived at his foster home friendly and happy and he settled immediately.

Can be left: Bruno has been left in the company of his foster carers’ dogs for a few hours with no problems. He just settles down and sleeps. He hasn’t been left completely on his own, but he has been left downstairs when the other dogs go upstairs and he is fine with that. His foster carers think that he would be fine to live in a working household, so long as he has a garden break or walk halfway through the day, as he sleeps for long periods of time.

Likes dogs: Bruno is very happy in the company of dogs. He greets dogs and people when out and about. He is, in fact, a little too friendly with his foster carers’ dogs at the moment, but it is thought that this is because Bruno hasn’t yet been neutered – and he can’t be neutered until he is stable on the Cushings medication.

Unknown with cats: We aren’t sure how Bruno is with cats as he hasn’t lived with them previously and there are no cats in his foster home.

Seems fine with children: Bruno has only had experience of children aged about 10, but he greeted them in the same friendly way that he greets everyone.

Enjoys a good walk: Bruno pulls a little on the lead to start with, through excitement, but then he settles. He can walk as far as you are prepared to take him. He enjoys a good sniff and investigation. His recall is good around the house but when he’s out he can get distracted. His foster carers have kept him on a long extending lead so far.

Good in the car: Bruno travels well in the car. At first he used to sit on the back seat on his own, but he now gets in the back of the estate car with his foster carers’ dogs. He likes to sit rather than lie down – until he is unable to stay awake any longer and then he has to lie down!

Bruno’s favourite pastimes: Bruno loves to have a cuddle. He also enjoys playing with dog toys, especially the ones that play a tune (rather than just squeak), and generally he just likes being with you.

Health notes: Bruno is vaccinated, microchipped and wormed and will be flea treated as necessary. He is now stable on the Cushings medication and so he is booked in to be neutered.

Bruno arrived with hair loss on most of his body. This had been under investigation by his previous owner’s vet but nothing had been found. His foster carers took him to the vet with these symptoms, and the fact that he was drinking large amounts of water and seemed to have a lot of surplus skin under his belly, and the vet said they had described all the symptoms of ‘Cushing’s Disease’ which causes a hormonal imbalance. The blood test was positive and Bruno has been prescribed medication which consists of one tablet each morning, with food. It is important to give the tablet at the same time each day as it lasts for 24 hours. Now that Bruno’s medication is sorted out, the vet expects to see a vast improvement.

His foster carers tell us: “The Cushings seems to have no other effects on Bruno – he is a happy and very friendly dog and has won the hearts of the team at our vet. He does become a talking point on our walks, with people speculating what breed he is – most popular being a Chinese Crested. When we say he is a Sheltie, they look at us as if we are quite mad!

Bruno’s perfect home: Bruno is the happiest of dogs and would be happy in any home where he is given some quality time.

Foster carers’ summary of Bruno:Bruno is unique and comical. He is a typical Sheltie: he loves attention, loves food and although he is not really a barker at noises or postmen, he does tell quite a woofy tale when he wants something. We have found nothing that he dislikes, but he was a little spooked when walking in very gusty weather.

He needs wrapping up warm when he goes out. He is brushed with a soft baby brush and he has a special mild shampoo, but apart from that he is a very easy dog to have around.

Bruno arrived very much the Ugly Duckling, but now that he is receiving appropriate treatment he will hopefully be transformed into a handsome Swan!


If you can offer Bruno a permanent home, please refer to our Adoption Procedures for information about the adoption process. You can then contact an Oldies Club rehoming co-ordinator as follows:

Telephone: 0844 586 8656

Bruno can be rehomed anywhere in the UK, subject to a satisfactory home visit, but note that you will be required to travel to the foster home to meet him.


If you would love to offer a home to an oldie but your circumstances aren’t suitable, perhaps you would be kind enough to sponsor one of the special oldies we are caring for that, due to health problems, are unlikely to be offered a permanent home.

Rehomed This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.
In Loving Memory: Sadly, this animal has now passed away.