This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.

Basil (Lancashire Heeler Community Welfare Fund, fostered Sussex)

1/11/12 Basil and Rosie have found a new home together!


Basil is a 7 year old Lancashire Heeler boy who has come into rescue with his older sister Rosie. Basil and Rosie would love to find a new home together as they are best chums, but the rescue would consider separate homes for them as a last resort. Basil and Rosie are in a Lancashire Heeler Community Welfare Fund foster home in Sussex.

Basil is used to living in an action-packed house with teenage children. He would love a fun home where he will have human company a lot of the time. He can be left, but he wouldn’t want to be alone for long hours, and when left he does sometimes empty wastepaper baskets and play with cushions and soft toys!

He has lived alongside guinea pigs and rabbits and been fine with them, but if they don’t eat their carrots quickly, Basil will pinch them. He will chase cats so needs a cat-free home.

Basil loves travelling in the car and he settles down to sleep very quickly on a journey. He isn’t a fussy eater and is used to having biscuits in the morning and meat in the evening.

He enjoys the odd romp around the garden with a tennis ball, but when on a walk he prefers to concentrate on smells and saying hello to other dogs. He adores sunbathing!

Basil doesn’t like having his nail clipped and so he is muzzled to have them done. Perhaps he had a painful experience when having them clipped in the past. He is also very frightened of fireworks and barks when he hears them.

Basil has been neutered and has no current medical needs. He is a super little chap who deserves a lovely new home, and if he could take Rosie along with him he would be even happier.

Basil, left, with Rosie


If you can offer Basil (and Rosie) a new home, please contact Jacky Cutler of Lancashire Heeler Community Welfare Fund as follows:

Mobile: 07771 743138

Please mention that you saw Basil on the Oldies Club website.


Rehomed This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.