This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.

Brandy (Private rehoming, Nottingham)

25/11/12 We’re so pleased to hear that Brandy has been spotted on the Oldies Club website and he’s gone to a lovely new home where he is settling in well. Have a lovely retirement Brandy!


Who could resist this grandad-puppy charmer?! Brandy is thought to be about 15 years old and he’s a darling little Collie Cross – smaller than your average Collie.

Brandy’s owner had to go into a care home and Brandy found himself in kennels. But kennels is no place for such a mature gent; Brandy wasn’t coping at all well and was going to be put to sleep. His current carer offered him temporary refuge in her home and is rehoming him privately. Brandy is in Nottingham.

Brandy is a lovely dog – really gentle and loving. He is used to a quiet home and has probably been an only dog for most of his life, although he would probably be OK to share his home with a calm dog that isn’t boisterous or bossy. Brandy is fine with cats and with chickens too!

He would be happiest in a home with someone around a lot of the time, but provided he was given time to settle in, he should be OK living with a part time worker. His carer thinks that he would probably be OK with children, but as Brandy is used to a quiet home, he would be happiest in a home without young children.

At his foster home he sleeps downstairs at night without a problem, although he might go upstairs if he had the option.

Brandy has been neutered, vaccinated, and flea and worm treated. He has slight cataracts and he is slightly underweight but is gaining weight well.

As his current carer is a vet nurse, Brandy has benefitted from a full health check, including an abdominal and heart scan. The abdominal scan showed nothing abnormal and he doesn’t even have the liver changes that would be expected at his age. Brandy does have a heart murmur and his heart scan showed that he has a lesion on the mitral valve. The left aorta is slightly enlarged but the right side is fine. He won’t need any heart medication as long as he isn’t showing clinical signs, e.g. coughing. Dogs can live with mitral valve lesions for years, so it is mainly good news.


If you are interested in offering Brandy a permanent home, please contact his current carer, Lisa, as follows:

Please mention that you saw Brandy on the Oldies Club website.

Prospective adopters will be homechecked and Lisa has confirmed that she will take Brandy back if the new home doesn’t work out for any reason.


Oldies Club suggests you read our article Questions for Adopters which is written to help people who are planning to adopt a dog from a private owner rather than a rescue.

Rehomed This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.