This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.

Freddie (National Animal Welfare Trust, Berkshire)

25/6/12 Freddie has gone to his new home!


Freddie is a twelve year old Jack Russell Terrier cross and he’s been living at National Animal Welfare Trust in Berkshire since August 2010. Freddie came into care when his owner sadly passed away and he found himself all on his own. He had lived with the same gentleman since being a pup so this was pretty much Freddie’s world.

Freddie is a lovely boy and he loves everyone he meets. He will greet new volunteers like long lost friends and he loves to sit on your lap and have some fuss. He forms a very strong bond with anyone willing to spend some time with him, so he’s become a firm favourite with the staff and volunteers at the rescue centre.

Freddie’s favourite pastime is playing fetch and he would gladly play for hours if you let him. He loves his tennis ball, but is very polite with it and will just place it at your feet and back away, waiting for you to throw it for him.

Freddie loves his walks and is still fairly active. He’s quite capable of a two hour walk, but is equally happy with short walks as long as he gets to play his beloved game of fetch at some point. If he sees something he wants he can be quite strong on the lead, so he’ll need someone capable of holding him. If he’s asked to walk nicely he’s very capable of trotting along on a loose lead.

Freddie is a very clever little chap and his repertoire now includes sit, down, paw and hand touch. He’s fully house trained and won’t even toilet in the outside yards at the kennels. Instead, he waits to be let out on to the grass before he goes. He has never chewed anything in his kennels, except his own toys of course, and he’s one of the quietest dogs on the yard, preferring to spend his days sleeping on his sofa rather than out in his run, barking. He went through a stage of watching TV, but the rescue say he lost interest when they changed the channel!

Like most terriers, Freddie is a bit of a hunter so he’s looking for a home without cats and small furries as he would be too tempted to chase. He is fine to be walked with other dogs, once he is comfortable with the person walking him, but he doesn’t like boisterous dogs. He found a home a while ago, but was returned because of an incident with another dog. Since then the rescue staff have worked with him and as you can see from his photo he is now fine around other calm dogs. At the rescue he has been walked with a variety of dogs and one of his favourites was a girlie Lurcher called Bea.

Freddie doesn’t mind being left for reasonable periods of time, but after being in kennels for so long he would really love to live with someone who can be around a lot during the day – he has a lot of cuddles to catch up on, after all! With being in kennels he feels the cold easily so he wears a jumper at the moment and has as much cosy bedding as possible. He would much rather be in a loving home though, with a bed of his own and a nice warm owner to snuggle up with.

To see more photos of Freddie, please have a look at his photobucket page, here.

Freddie is in good health and isn’t on any medication, but he has a couple of fatty lumps that will need keeping an eye on.

Do you think you could offer Freddie the home he deserves? If so, please contact NAWT to find out more about him, as follows;

Tel: 01488 638584

Please mention that you saw Freddie on the Oldies Club website.

Rehomed This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.