This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.

Saffy (Rescue Remedies, fostered Hampton)

26/10/12 Saffy has found her forever home!

You only have to meet Saffy to appreciate just how special she is, but this lovely girl has had a hard life. Saffy is a 7-8 year old Staffy girl who arrived in rescue with Rescue Remedies in a dreadful state, very underweight and with a bad skin condition. She had obviously been abused and neglected, but she has put all that behind her now and is ready for a happy future. Now all she needs is a loving forever home where she can be spoilt rotten and loved as she deserves to be. This lovely girl really should not be kept waiting much longer!

Pleased to meet you!

Saffy first appeared on the Oldies Club website in May 2011. She has been fostered in two homes and everyone she meets just falls in love with her. At her first foster home, she did not mix with the three resident dogs, as she does get excited around other dogs. In her current foster home, she is the only dog and is enjoying the attention she gets very much.

Saffy adores people, but she especially loves the men in her life. She loves visitors and adores the garden. Although Saffy love adults, she is wary around children, probably due to her past. She should therefore be rehomed in an adult-only home.

Saffy displaying her beautiful Staffy smile!

She is a little character will make you laugh and you will have full conversations with her as she is a bit of a chatterbox with a full range of little Staffy snorts. She also has that genuine huge Staffy smile! She loves playing with footballs!

Ready for a game of footie!

Saffy craves companionship and would love to sleep with you on your bed, or at least next to it. Unfortunately, despite her near complete recovery from her past trauma, her hips have been affected and she has been diagnosed with hip dysplasia. She would do best in a home where there are not a lot of stairs and she can have easy access to the garden. Saffy loves her walks, but will only need short ones. Treatment for this condition is painkillers which are required only when she is having a bad day.

Saffy enjoying a Christmas present from Santa

Here is what Rescue Remedies has to say about their Saffy Staffy:

‘She knows all the tricks in the book; the coy look in her eyes, sizing up to you, such a lovely character. She is 18? to the shoulder, beautifully proportioned with a beautiful head and face with a velvety rich orange brindle fur so soft to touch. She loves company but can be left…but be prepared for her doing the bends on your return! She doesn’t like the rain or snow and needs persuasion to use the garden on such days but has very good housetraining and holds on. Saffy uses either an open dog bed or crate; a sofa or chair to relax on. Saffy gets wary when closed in a crate or behind a grid its as though she has been taunted in the past. She also is very excited with cats!

Saffy arrived into rescue in a dreadful state with physical and psychological signs of abuse/neglect. Her skin and fur have improved and she is her ideal weight now. She loves people and will accept dogs in her territory once introduced outside on neutral territory until she knows them but she’d probably do best as the only dog in her new family. Due to her past, she is a little focused on food. When sharing with another dog, Saffy can react to ‘claiming food’. So food needs close management with other dogs, but isn’t an issue with humans, only she can be an opportunist! This is not true for toys or other objects and she is very gentle in taking treats. Saffy is hyper alert to ‘hoodies’ and wary of children. This has indicated she has been taunted or actually abused by this age range in the past and we will rehome with this awareness. Saffy came to us in such a state , so we owe it to her to home her into a situation which ’spoils’ her.

She needs company and what we call an inclusive family, i.e. in the bedroom rather a utility room at night. She also needs a secure garden. Saffy is a rescue favourite so only special families need apply!’

Saffy is very very special to everyone at Rescue Remedies and they so want to see this lovely girl settled and happy in a forever home. She will more than make up the love and company she receives in her retirement home with all the devotion and love a Staffy can give.

If you are interested in finding out more, please visit Saffy’s thread, at Rescue Remedies’ Forum.

Then, if you are interested in offering her a forever home, please complete Rescue Remedies’ homing questionnaire.

Please mention that you saw Saffy featured on the Oldies Club website.


Rescue’s Rehoming Policy: Rescue Remedies is a rescue finding dogs their forever homes. They usually ask for a minimum donation of £150 at the time of adoption, for each dog, to help them continue helping homeless dogs.


This entry replaces Saffy’s original dated 22nd May 2011.

Rehomed This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.