This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.

William (TwitchyNoses, Bulgaria–>UK)

26/11/12 William has found a new home!
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19/11/2012 William had health problems but, after being given the all clear by the vets, a home in the UK was found for him and he arrived in the UK on Saturday. Unfortunately, the lady who was going to adopt him decided she couldn’t and so he is now in emergency foster care. Can you help William?

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Poor William has been in the wars! At least he’s now safe and secure with TwitchyNoses rescue in Bulgaria while he’s so hoping to be offered a loving home of his own in the UK.

William – Billy to his friends – is 7-9 years old and he’s a male, black and tan Crossbreed. Billy could have been possibly hit by a car which broke his front paws – as he has been living on the streets, he has not received any vet treatment and therefore his legs have healed like this – or he could have just been like this from birth.

Billy is also blind in his left eye but this does not stop him at all. He loves plodding around and is not in any pain. He is a gentle boy with a lovely smile.

Billy is due to be assessed by the vets very soon, and he will have all his necessary vaccinations to enable him to travel to his new home in the UK. Billy’s has been neutered and has no other medical needs apart from his deformed front paws, but as he’s not in any pain, they will not be operated on.

Billy is happy to live with other dogs, cats and children.

Billy deserves another chance to enjoy life; he has not a great existence in Bulgaria and yet he is such a lovely boy.

Please help him and give him a chance.
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If you would like to help this lovely lad, please contact TwitchyNoses as follows:

Tel: 07712 442267

Please mention that you saw William on the Oldies Club website.

Rehomed This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.