This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.

Ada (Rescue Remedies, fostered Newbury)

18/7/14 At last! Ada has found a home!

This beautiful little face belongs to brindle Staffy girl Ada, who first appeared on the Oldies Club in July 2012 after being picked up as a stray and taken to Rescue Remedies. It seems that poor Ada had been used as a breeding machine for most of her life and was found to be suffering from an infected womb when she was spayed. Thankfully, she recovered her health after her operation and was all ready to make up for lost time with the love offered by her foster families and carers.

Ada is around 8 years old and is hoping to find a permanent home with a committed family who will cherish her little terrier ways. Little Ada wins hearts wherever she goes with her coy flattery and cheeky smiles. She has such shining eyes and a personality to match!

Ada has lived with other dogs in her foster home and has gotten on well with them, although she can be a little unpredictable when meeting dogs outside. She loves children and welcomes them with her happy waggy tail and Staffy smile. She can be a little uneasy with men and teenage boys in the home, but will come round quickly if they offer her a tasty snack and a cuddle! She passed her cat test, but still might be tempted to chase a skittish cat!

Ada (left) with a friend

Ada showed no interest in treats or toys after her operation, but she now loves to play and will carry her prized possessions with her on her walks. She is good on the lead and a real joy to walk. This little girl absolutely adores her toys. She has a treasure trove of them and likes to take them over to her den to play with. She has even mutilated staffy-proof balls in her enthusiasm. Fetch and hide and seek are her favourite games and she does such a funny dance around the garden when she plays. She is a delight to be with and really cheers you up if you are down. She never fails to put a smile on her foster mum’s face.

Toy time!

Ada recently travelled to her new foster home where she joined a pack of four older staffies without any problem. One of them likes to lick her ears and will do so for hours if she could! Ada has been enjoying the warm open fire in the cold weather, along with her foster brothers and sisters.

So comfy!

Like most staffies, Ada has her own repertoire of cute little noises that keep her foster family entertained. She is a charming all-round friendly little girl who is full of so much fun and energy. She gets so excited when people come home, literally bouncing off the furniture in jubilation! This girl is up for anything – she just wants to be part of a family or an active home environment. She is always happy and is in her element when out and about or receiving cuddles.

Ada really deserves a forever home and she will repay you tenfold for the love you give her. She does have a pronounced knuckle on her front left leg, but the vet isn’t concerned about this and it gives her no problems. After everything she has been through, all she needs now is her very own special family to cherish her.


To find out more about Ada, you can visit her Rescue Remedies Rehoming thread.

To apply to adopt Ada, please complete the Rescue Remedies online homing questionnaire.

Please mention that you saw Ada featured on the Oldies Club website.


This replaces Ada’s original entry dated 10 July 2012.

Rehomed This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.