This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.

Alma (Safe Rescue, fostered Wales)

5/8/13 – Alma has found a home!

Alma is a very special girl. She’s sweet and daft and has, from very shaky beginnings, blossomed into the most amazing companion dog. She is also gorgeous, with the most lovely and expressive ears, a gentle face and a seemingly permanent wink where an old injury to her right eye has left it blind. Alma is GSD cross of around 8 years old and is living in a foster home through Safe Rescue, after being rescued from a poverty-stricken shelter in Romania.

Alma in Romania

During her long years in Romania, Alma’s fun and playful nature simply had no outlet. She arrived in her foster home in January where she has proved, beyond a doubt, that she is still a youngster at heart. It took a little time, but Alma realised that there was a whole big world out there to explore and, with people to love and care for her, she is now living and loving life to the fullest. Despite being lead-shy in the beginning, she now walks beautifully on the lead and is such a gentle, loving girl who enjoys being with a family, with children around her constantly. She has a huge appetite for love, life and gravy bones!

Looking much happier now in her foster home

Alma is a large and lovely lady at around 30 kilos, but her foster mum is sure that her heart is at least half of that! While she doesn’t push for attention, she loves to be near you and seems to find great comfort in being around people. She lives happily amongst both people and other dogs and has a special love for children, but would prefer a home free of cats and small furries.

Being both a bit generously proportioned and a lady of more mature years, Alma can be a bit stiff on her legs so she will need regular, gentle exercise and a sensible diet to keep her in shape. She loves her food, however, but is happy on a diet of dried dog food which, in addition to aiding her digestion and helping to keep her weight down, helps to maintain her teeth, which were not in good condition when she arrived in the UK. She has had a thorough dental now (where she charmed all the vets and nurses who looked after her) and, while her smile is not exactly Hollywood-ready, her teeth and gums are in good condition now.

Alma is spotless in the house and sleeps quietly downstairs through the night. She can be left on her own without problems for up to 5 hours. Since finding the sofa on week 3 of her introduction to living in a home, she loves having a comfy snooze on the softest spot she can find!

Since getting over her fear of the lead, Alma loves going for walks and enjoys stopping to sniff every other flower and blade of grass. She’s a lovely dog to take out and about, showing no reaction to any other dogs she meets, preferring to concentrate on hoovering up all those amazing smells instead!

In a home free of small furries, Alma is as close to sin-free as any dog her foster mum has ever known. In short, she is a wonderful, steady, and loving old lady who has forgiven us humans for a life full of hardships and is ready to find that one family who will love her as much as she’ll love them.

This gorgeous girl has waited long enough to find a family of her own to love. If you have a place in your home and heart for this big and beautiful lady, please contact Kelly at Safe Rescue as follows:

Tel: 01692 650 241 or 07771 453 814

Please mention that you saw Alma on the Oldies Club website.

This replaces Alma’s original entry dated 11 January 2013.

Rehomed This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.