This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.

Bonnie (RSPCA Tameside and Glossop)

16/2/13 Bonnie is now in her new home!


This pretty little face belongs to Bonnie, a 7-8 year old smooth-haired crossbreed lady who is looking for a permanent or foster home where she can spend her retirement. She is currently being cared for in a foster home through RSPCA Tameside and Glossop.

Bonnie is an excitable and energetic girl who has been doing very well in her foster home. However, her fosterer is now caring for some puppies and Bonnie is trying to ‘mother’ them and getting rather stressed out with her responsibilities to her new ‘babies’.

Here is what Bonnie’s foster mum has to say about this pretty lady:

‘Bonnie has been staying with me for a few weeks and she’s settled in very well. She is currently living with me and my 2 adult dogs and a young dog. Bonnie is a sweetheart but as she can be an excitable dog. She needs a calm home where she will quickly settle into a routine. She can live with other dogs providing they are calm dogs.

I have found the best place to leave Bonnie when home alone is behind a closed door at the back of the house away from distractions – it needs to be a closed door as she is more than able to jump a stair gate. She does try to jump at the door but quickly settles with a toy. Bonnie will bark if left at the front of the house where there are distractions that get her excited (a window!).

Bonnie is great out on a walk and has a wonderful recall. She loves running through the woods and likes to get her paws dirty. She is able to walk for miles and has a lot of energy on a walk, but does have an off switch while in the house!

Bonnie with a friend!

Bonnie does like to chase cats and so care needs to be taken before opening the front door, as she is fast and can easily jump a fence to chase them.

Bonnie can be a bit rude with other dogs and will stick her head right under dog’s legs to check their male or female parts. Because not all dogs will tolerate this, she can’t be introduced to new dogs in the house, it must be outside in a neutral place where she isn’t so full on.

Bonnie gets very excited when her lead comes out and barks. I have been ignoring this behaviour and when she stops I continue to put her lead on and walk out the house. I have found she is less excited about going out the back door and doesn’t bark as much. This is something she has shown improvements on since being with me and I’m confident it can be easily corrected within a short period of time providing hew new owners are willing to work with her.

Bonnie does need help when traveling in the car – she needs to be in a crate as she barks and jumps around. She does need help to stop the barking when in the car. Currently I’m not taking her out in the car until she learns to calm down.’

Bonnie would thrive in a laid back home without very young children (she can live with children over 8). She is a very lively dog for her age so would appreciate an active home where she can get lots of long walks and exercise.

Bonnie will be a fantastic, loving and loyal dog for the right people. Please get in touch with RSPCA Tameside and Glossup if you would like to meet her. She would love a permanent home, but is also available to foster.

You can contact RSPCA Tameside and Glossop as follows:

Tel: 07050 264 531 (ansaphone), leaving a message with your contact details for Gail.
Email: (remembering to include a contact phone number)

Please mention that you saw Bonnie on the Oldies Club website.

Rehomed This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.