This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.

Flossy (West Norfolk RSPCA)

22/2/13 – Good news – Flossy has found a wonderful foster home and they want to adopt her permanently. It is a fantastic home and she is very much loved and cherished by her new family.

Flossie has a very sad story to tell.  She was abandoned and left to fend for herself on a day when temperatures were dropping to -10c.   Thankfully, she has a guardian angel somewhere and Flossy is now in the care of the  West Norfolk RSPCA but she urgently needs a foster or permanent home.   Kennels is not the best place for an older dog at this time of year and Flossy needs to be curled up in the warm, snoozing.

She’s a Staffordshire bull terrier, a mature girl somewhere around seven years old and she’s the sweetest, friendliest girl you could ever wish for.  Flossy just adores people and she could spend all day just being cuddled so she’d like her new person to be at home for at least half the day.    She’s sprightly for her age and enjoys her walks – she’ll also need a home with an enclosed garden where she can potter around as the mood takes her.

Flossy doesn’t take much notice of other dogs so she might be able to live with a canine companion.  She could live with older, dog aware children and maybe even with a cat.    So, if you think you have the perfect home for adorable Flossy where she can be with you, love you and get loads of love and attention in return, please contact West Norfolk RSPCA as follows:

Tel: 01553 618889
Email: (Jo Hayes)

Find out more about adopting a dog from RSPCA West Norfolk by following this link.

Please mention that you saw Flossy on the Oldies Club website.

Rehomed This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.