This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.

Max and Fritz (The Ark, Lincolnshire coast)

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6/4/13 Max and Fritz have gone to a lovely new home in West Sussex after beng seen on the Oldies Club website. :)


These adorable little Dachshund boys are Max and Fritz. They are 12 year old brothers who have lived together all their lives and cannot be separated now that they are looking for a new home. They have come to the Ark due to their owner sadly going into sheltered accommodation.


Both dogs are friendly and don’t mind being picked up and cuddled. Max is slightly deaf but gets along fine. Poor Fritz has just gone through dental surgery, having a couple of teeth removed and is still on pain medication for this. He may need further surgery, which the Ark will fund if it is done through their own vet.


Max and Fritz are used to living in a quiet, adult home. They have never lived with children, but should be okay with visiting children, so long as they are not too rambunctious. They probably shouldn’t live with cats, because they won’t back off, even if swiped! They get along with small dogs like themselves, but would probably do best in a home where they are the only pets.


Both dogs are non-aggressive when it comes to food and treats. They are well behaved at the kennels and at the vet and are housetrained, although they occasionally have the odd accident. They can be left for 4-5 hours and sleep in their own bed in the kitchen.


Max and Fritz both do well on the lead, although they will pull a little. They have not been off-lead before but have good recall in the garden. They are not interested in toys and do not like to travel.

These sweet boys have been together all their lives and are totally devoted to one another. They are used to a quiet and calm home and would love to find a nice, quiet and warm retirement home where they can spend the rest of their days being loved and in each other’s company.

If you cannot resist these two cuties, please contact the Ark as follows:

Tel: 01507 358140

Please mention that you saw Max and Fritz on the Oldies Club website.

Rehomed This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.