This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.

Pru (Lurcher Link, fostered Nottinghamshire)

7/11/13 Pru’s foster carers have decided to adopt her – what lovely news!

Pru is a beautiful blue Lurcher girl, aged about 7-8, who was rescued by Lurcher Link almost 2 years ago, from the stray pound.

When first rescued, Pru was in a terrible state. She had open sores, mange, kennel cough, was very underweight and she simply had no light in her eyes.

Pru on arrival at lurcher Link

After receiving the TLC she desperately needed, Pru quickly blossomed into a beautiful, affectionate dog.

She’s in a Lurcher Link foster home in Nottinghamshire at the moment, but she’s still waiting for a permanent home of her own. Poor Pru!

Pru’s not very tall, at around 23″ to the shoulder. She’s good with most dogs, and walks well on the lead, but will pull if a small furry catches her interest. She’s usually walked on a headcollar.

She’s good in the house, housetrained and loves her food! She also travels well and is just a really lovely dog.

The above 3 photos were taken at Lurcher Link’s show last September

Pru is a very loving girl and she simply wants to please. She will devote herself to her new owner and adore them. She gives fantastic cuddles! She can live with other dogs, and with children, but she’s not cat friendly. She has been spayed.

Are you my new owner?


If you would like to help Pru put her horrible past behind her, and would love her to be your loyal companion, please contact Lurcher Link as follows:

Tel: 01422 240168 (before 9:00 pm)

Please mention that you saw Pru on the Oldies Club website.


This replaces Pru’s original entry dated 5 August 2012.

Rehomed This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.