This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.

Timmy (West Yorkshire Dog Rescue, Yorkshire)

26 August 2013  Timmy has already found a new home and has gone to live with two cats and a middle aged terrier. Wonderful news!

Dear little Timmy is looking for a very special person who will give him the love and care he so desperately wants for the remainder of his life. Timmy is an elderly miniature poodle, who still has a zest for life, despite being found thin and bedraggled, with awful teeth, and a matted coat.

Luckily for Timmy, the wonderful people at West Yorkshire Dog Rescue have taken him in, shaved his coat and given him several baths, and also made sure he had a full dental to deal with the severe abscesses in his gums, and his rotten teeth.

Despite having cataracts in his eyes, Timmy still enjoys several short walks each day, and he loves sitting in the sunshine and following other dogs round. Bless him! This precious little lad will sit on your lap all day to be cuddled and craves company and affection. He really is the most loving, kind and affectionate dog you could imagine.

Little Timmy needs a very special person to adopt him, as he needs a lot of care. He has to be fed little and often, given plenty of short walks and his new owner needs to be able to administer his eye drops. He is currently being fed on chicken and fish with rice, and his food needs to be cut up small as he cannot chew anything large.

Are you that kind and special person who could offer Timmy the happiness he so deserves? If so please contact West Yorkshire Dog Rescue as follows:

Phone Kathy 07711617148 between 9am and 5.30pm or text any time. PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR FULL NAME AND SURNAME IN THE TEXT.

Please mention that you saw Timmy on the Oldies Club website

Rehomed This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.