This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.

Tamsin (Ashbourne Animal Welfare, Derbyshire)

12.10.2014 At long last, Tamsin has found her wonderful forever family. We are delighted for her.

Say hello to Tamsin, a lovely medium-sized Collie x Terrier who is about 8 years old. Poor Tamsin has been in the care of Ashbourne Animal Welfare, in Derbyshire, for almost 2 years and she is wondering when someone will offer her a new home.

Tamsin is a sweet girl and is healthy and active. She enjoys long walks and games of football, and would happily live with older, sensible children. She has a reasonable level of training and is an intelligent pooch, always wanting to please you. Tamsin has no medical needs and has been spayed.

Tamsin can be quite sensitive and gets very worried by loud noises, so her new owner will need to bear this in mind. Tamsin would be suited to a quieter but active household, with someone who has a reasonable level of dog experience.

Tamsin is getting better around other dogs, and will walk quietly with some quiet, unreactive dogs, but she still gets worried when dogs get too close to her. She wouldn’t be happy living with another dog. And she’s not good with cats or other small furries.

Here’s an update on Tamsin from Ashbourne Animal Welfare:

Tamsin is still here, waiting to find her perfect forever home. She continues to enjoy her twice daily walks but loves ‘quiet time’ and cuddles even more. She should be fine to be left alone for a few hours in her new home as she is quite happy to have a snooze or entertain herself. Tamsin enjoys a nice chew or filled bone and is happy to demonstrate how to use a wide variety of activity toys!

Although her behaviour around some quiet dogs has improved, Tamsin still needs a home where she is the only pet (no other dogs, cats or small furries). She needs an owner with experience as she can be a little pully when excited, and bark at some dogs, but in the right home, with one-to-one handling, we feel this should improve.

Tamsin has a sweet, gentle nature and has a very sensitive side. She is worried by gunshot and thunder and her new owner will need to be aware of how this can affect her. This pretty little girl desperately deserves to find her forever home and someone of her own to love her – can you help?

Tamsin has been in kennels far too long. Could you offer her the home she’s waiting for?

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Tamsin belongs to Ashbourne Animal Welfare and is being rehomed by them.
If you would like to find out more about Tamsin, please contact Ashbourne Animal Welfare as follows:

Tel: 01335 300494 or 01335 300825

Please mention that you saw Tamsin on the Oldies Club website.
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This replaces Tamsin’s original entry dated 28 June 2013.

Rehomed This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.