This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.

Baxter (Rain Rescue, South Yorkshire)


08/11/16 – Baxter has been adopted! And he had so much interest from people seeing him on Oldies Club that the rescue matched up some of his applicants to other dogs they had. Good boy Baxter!

Beautiful Baxter is a gentle, loving and still lively older Collie or Collie cross who’s in the care of Rain Rescue in Rotherham, South Yorkshire. He could live with sensible children from about 8 years old, possibly a little younger if they’re dog savvy. He’s good with other dogs so could live with a doggy sibling as long as they get on well. He’s currently being cat tested. So far he’s proved to be a true gentleman in all situations and usually has a smile on his face!


Baxter was obviously well loved and looked after for most of his life as he’s a good all rounder, in good condition. It’s unknown what changed but he found himself in the pound facing an uncertain future. But Rain Rescue rode in on a white charger and whisked him off to safety. Although kennels are never exactly fun, especially for a bright boy like Baxter, he does have one of their bigger kennels with his very own sofa!


He loves charging about a field after a ball, having some quality one-to-one time, cuddles and then settling down on his couch. He walks nicely on the lead, being such a gentle and good boy! With other dogs he’s got on well with both females and males so far. He has an optimistic outlook on life which shows in his body language. Along with his near constant smile goes his ever waving tail. That is, when he’s not snoozing. Which is quite often!


If you’ve had a Collie before you’ll know what attentive, doting companions they are. They tend to be more like a soul mate than a pet. If you’re not so familiar with the breed, here’s what you’ve been missing:

The Wonderful Things About Collies…

Collies are widely held to be the most intelligent of all dog breeds. They quickly learn the meaning of many words and gestures. There’s one recorded case of a collie knowing the meaning of over a thousand objects! Being such great listeners they make brilliant companions. They understand a lot of what you say and are 100% on your side in all matters.

They are absolutely driven to do their job as well as they can. For some, like Baxter, this will be fetching a ball or being attentive, moral support for their human’s every activity. For those which do dog agility and other sports they excel so much that many competitions have a category for “ABC” meaning “Anything But Collies” to give other breeds a chance!


It’s not all about work though. Silliness and snuggles are just as important. They do need their exercise but then they like to switch off their busy minds and doze, preferably with their human nearby.


Baxter is healthy, bright, placid and well mannered but above all has a big heart – currently with a human- shaped hole. If you’d like to find out more about this beautiful boy please contact Rain Rescue as follows:

Please fill in their online application form, which you can access here.

Please say that you saw Baxter on the Oldies Club website.

Rehomed This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.