Bluebell (Freshfields Animal Rescue, Liverpool)


This lone flower is dreaming of
My happy future hours
When my owner will see me as
A prize among the flowers,

Those sunny days of merriment
When heart and soul are free,
When will I dwell with a kindred heart
That loves and cares for me. *


Soppy Bluebell is 11 years old but only physically. Staff at the rescue, Freshfields Animal Rescue in Liverpool, say she’s the most mischievous dog they’ve ever known! They love her to bits and will miss her terribly when her perfect person takes her home. But if you’re level-headed and kind, but no pushover, then they might decide you’re worthy of her loveliness.

She now lives in the rescue’s kitchen as she couldn’t cope with kennel life. She gives a warm welcome to everyone and amuses them with her antics…

Bluebell would find other pets or children discombobulating in the home. She’s usually fine with other dogs when she meets them on walks but would be territorial at home. As for small furries, well, they’re toys aren’t they?

Freshfields say, “She loves to sleep and be cosy. She is friendly and loves a good tummy rub. She’s a very cheeky, funny girl, always happy to be fussed. Her main issue is that she is an opportunist and will steal food, or anything that is left around. If the staff are making food on the work surface Bluebell is never far behind. She will lift her paw up and try to swipe the bowls off! If you have treats in your pocket – she knows!”

“Yes please photographer lady, I want a treat. I’ll do anything you say!”

Bluebell loves toys. That is, she loves destroying toys. Working out her nervous energy on disposable toys is really helpful for her. Not to mention funny to watch!

Oh, and don’t leave any gloves within reach. Freshfields again, “Her favourite thing to steal is people’s gloves. They don’t last long, she isn’t happy until they are ripped into a million little pieces!”


Bluebell has been overlooked for a long time because at first she was too tightly wound to show potential adopters how lovely she is. This led to her basically growing up at the rescue and becoming a bit institutionalised. She’s forgotten what it is to live in a peaceful environment with the one clear provider/protector: someone to show her how to be Good Girl, with compassion and consistency.


Two people have tried to take her on but they probably didn’t have the fair-but-firm leadership qualities she needs to make her feel secure. She’s never learnt proper boundaries or how to keep calm because she’s so acclimatised to rescue life. She is constantly reacting to the unpredictable comings, goings and noises, as well as charming everyone into doing what she wants. Mostly giving her treats or cuddles!


Bluebell is looking for someone who is: calm, kind, assertive, more quick witted than her (and that’s a big ask!), practical (someone who will recognise things which might make her nervous and take steps to keep her calm), patient if she does get nervous or over excited and have ways to calm her down (staff will certainly advise on this), a good sense of humour. She’s such a Good Girl when she know what people expect of her…


Freshfields are very happy for the getting-to-know-you process to take as long as it needs to. So there’s no need to make a hasty decision. It’s much better if you and Bluebell form a strong bond and that you’re sure you’re the right person for her.


Freshfields will much prefer for her to be adopted, to show the commitment Bluebell needs but they haven’t ruled out a long-term foster arrangement. If financial constraints or just knowing that you have their continued support make this seem a better option for you, it’s worth asking them to consider this. They really want Bluebell to be happy!

To read a bit more about Bluebell click here.

If you want to increase the sum total of doggy joy in the world by giving this soppy centred girl a chance, please contact Freshfields Animal Rescue as follows:

Tel: 0151 931 1604

Please mention you saw Bluebell featured on the Oldies Club website.

  • The extracts of a poem on this page and in the excerpt are adapted from The Bluebell by Anne Bronte.


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