This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.

Mallie (Birch Hill Dog Rescue, Shropshire)


1/6/16 We are so pleased to hear that Mallie has found a new home after being seen on the Oldies Club website!

Mallie is a very sweet 12 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier girl who has been with Birch Hill Dog Rescue in Shropshire for a while now and she is becoming very depressed in kennels. This poor girl needs to be in a home as soon as possible. If you can’t offer her a suitable home, please share her page to help her get noticed!

Mallie’s original name was Malibu, but that just doesn’t seem a pretty enough name for such a lovely girl, and it perhaps reminds her of sadder times, so the kennel staff call her Mallie, which we’re sure you’ll agree is much more befitting.


Mallie originally arrived at Birch Hill from the pound, where she had been taken and held while the police prosecuted her owner. Poor Mallie has had a pretty rough and miserable life and she now needs someone kind to offer her the retirement home she so deserves.


Mallie is brilliant with people and is very gentle with children of all ages. She spent a little time in a short-term foster home, and her foster carer remarked that Mallie was absolutely amazing around her disabled nephew.

Malibu when she was in a foster home
Mallie when she was in a foster home

After correct introductions, Mallie is generally fine with calm, older male dogs, but she needs to be the only dog in her new home. She doesn’t want to live with cats.


Mallie is a very healthy girl. She loves to go for walks, walks nicely on the lead, and she enjoys socialising when out and about. She doesn’t like to be left on her own, so needs a home with someone willing to continue the good work that Birch Hill are doing with her separation anxiety. It is improving all the time and they now have her settling in a crate with no problems – they give her a stuffed Kong or a bone to chew and she will settle quite happily for a few hours.


Mallie is the sweetest, gentlest dog you could wish to meet. She loves human company and doesn’t take long to become attached to people. There is nothing she loves more than curling up on a duvet next to her family. She loves her walks but also loves coming back to a nice warm home where she can flop down and sleep off her exertions.


This special girl has been with Birch Hill for a few months now, which is not ideal for a dog of her age, and she is getting very depressed in kennels. She hasn’t had the best life, and now she must be thinking that being in kennels is all she can hope for. We know differently though, don’t we, so let’s spread the word about little Mallie and help her find the caring forever home she deserves.


If you could offer Mallie a suitable home, please contact Birch Hill Dog Rescue as follows:

Tel: 01299 270406

Please mention that you saw Mallie featured on the Oldies Club website.
This replaces Mallie’s original page dated 14 January 2016.

Rehomed This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.