Ollie (Dogs Trust Glasgow)


This beautiful boy is a real sweetheart of a soul, who still enjoys the active lifestyle despite being an older gent. His name is Ollie and he is a 10 year old crossbreed boy who has many friends at Dogs Trust Glasgow where he is staying; friends who really would like to see him happy and settled in a loving home of his own. Please help Ollie by reading his page and sharing it!

Ollie’s favourite thing is to play fetch with you and he can play for hours! He also loves running in the big fields at the Dogs Trust and can do hurdles and weave in and out of the poles. He is very athletic and has an amazing time showing off his prowess!


Ollie is a super affectionate boy who will greet you with a big kiss when he sees you (once he gets to know you, he is a little shy at first, but once you gain his trust, he will love you forever!). He also loves having his bum and chin scratched.

Clever Ollie would like to share with you the many tricks he knows. These include: Sit, Paw, Speak, High five, Jump (hurdles), Touch (hand target), Spin, Come. He is always working on his next trick and he is eager to learn and please. He has benefited from the use of clicker training and positive reinforcement (this means treats, which he loves!).


Ollie enjoys the company of his doggy friends at the centre and his best friend is Basil, a 10 year old Labrador/Terrier cross. Together, they love to potter about the fields together and sniff around in the grass looking for interesting scents. Ollie also likes a good roll in the grass (or sometimes in something smelly as well!) and enjoys a nice toweling afterwards.


Ollie would do best in a calm, quiet, stable environment with a private garden. He would like his owner to be patient enough to give him the time to settle at his own pace. He is a real sweetheart who will be a very rewarding dog to own. With some love and understanding, Ollie will be the most devoted and affectionate companion and will make you the centre of his world.

Here is an adorable video of Ollie in action! You can see what a lovely, handsome boy he is, and how he wants to please you.

Anyone adopting Ollie will need to be willing to continue with his training and to understand that he can be nervous around traffic. He is also a little nervous around people he doesn’t know so would prefer to be walked in quiet areas where there is minimal chance he will have to confront a lot of new, scary people. He also needs his space sometimes; his new owner will need to respect that and to learn when he would prefer to be left alone.

Although Ollie enjoys the company of other dogs at the centre, it has taken him awhile to develop these. His new owner would need to help him socialise with other dogs and he would like to be your only dog in the home.

Poor Ollie has been waiting for a long time to find his perfect people. If you think you are the one for him, please contact Dogs Trust Glasgow according to the information below. Even if you are not the one who can offer him a home, please share his page to help him out!

Please phone: 0141 773 5130
You can also find out more about rehoming Ollie here

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This replaces Ollie’s original page dated 20 December 2015.

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