This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.

Shelley (Vigil GSD Rescue, kennelled Surrey)


31/12/16 – What a result! Shelley has already found a long-term foster home after being seen as our Old Dog of the Week, and she moved in today! Everyone is hoping that Shelley is very happy in her new home and settles in well. Fingers crossed! :)

Shelley is a gorgeous, petite 9 year old German Shepherd girl who is in the care of Vigil German Shepherd Dog Rescue, in kennels in Surrey. Shelley is really struggling in kennels because her legs are not good, due to arthritis. She needs to be in a warm, comfortable home as soon as possible. Shelley is quite unusual in that she needs a home with someone who wants a dog that doesn’t need walks!


Because Shelley is deteriorating in kennels, Vigil will happily consider offers of a long term foster home for Shelley and would then pay for anything she needs, including the Metacam for her arthritis.



Shelley originally went into rescue after her owner suddenly passed away. She found a home but was returned because she was difficult to handle around other dogs. But now Shelley’s older and her aches and pains have developed, and so she needs a different type of home. Hopefully that type of home is out there and just waiting for a no-walks-needed affectionate dog like Shelley.


Perhaps you are an older person with a nice big garden and a love of German Shepherds but are unable to walk a dog nowadays? If so, provided you have no other pets, you could be ideal for Shelley as she will happily be your cuddly companion, and will enjoy just pottering around your garden. Shelley doesn’t like other dogs at all, and this, coupled with her stiff old legs, means that walks simply aren’t for her nowadays. Shelley doesn’t like cats but she absolutely loves people!


Around people, Shelley is a happy, sweet girl, and she loves receiving lots of attention and cuddles. She’s just an older lady who needs a cosy bed, someone to love, and an easy, comfortable life. The sort of life that sadly isn’t possible in a kennel environment. Kennels really are no place for an older dog with aches and pains. Poor Shelley.


If you can’t offer Shelley a suitable home, please share her page to help her get noticed by as many people as possible. Shelley’s new owner is out there, she just needs them to find her!


If you think you could be the person with the right home for Shelley, please don’t delay, contact Vigil GSD Rescue as follows:

Tel: 01444 453302 (11am-7pm) – Sue
Email: – Pam

Please mention that you saw Shelley featured on the Oldies Club website.
This replaces Shelley’s original Oldies Club page dated 15 April 2016

Rehomed This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.