Wizz (Foal Farm Animal Rescue Centre, Kent)


If you love terriers and their mischievous, cheeky ways, little Wizz might be your perfect companion! He certainly hopes so, because even though he is as cute as a button and full of terrier character, he has sadly been waiting a very long time for his perfect humans to find him and take him home. Even if you cannot adopt this little one yourself, please help him out by sharing his page!


Little Wizz has been a resident of Foal Farm Animal Rescue Centre for many years and made his first appearance on the Oldies Club way back in 2012! He is a Jack Russell terrier boy of around 10-11 years old, but he has the energy of a much younger dog. He is bouncy, playful, and he loves being outside where he can run and play. He is also quite intelligent and will perform tricks for treats. He loves going for car rides and being outside, but he also settles nicely in the home. Although he is not a lap dog, he does enjoy relaxing in a quiet calm place surrounded by home comforts and his beloved toys.


Wizz is in possession of a quirky, single-minded character of a terrier. He tends to bond strongly to one person or a few people, but he is not one to seek out cuddles from strangers. He is also very keen on his routine and does not like it when you deviate from it. As long as he knows there are rules to follow and he has someone he trusts carrying them out, he is a loving, loyal little dog. You do need to be careful to make sure he has the structure he needs. He has been known to snap when he feels things aren’t going the way they should. Therefore, Wizz needs a home with someone understanding and patient, preferably someone who has lived with challenging dogs before and understand the mind of a terrier.


Wizz is an older boy who is rather set in his ways, so he would prefer a quiet home without young children running about. He is fine with some dogs he meets and could possibly share his home with a female dog, provided they get along when they are introduced. He is generally happy to walk with other dogs and to interact with them if they are friendly.


Wizz has spent some time with one of the staff at Foal Farm on ‘day release’ and he really enjoys his home comforts. He does like a fuss once he gets to know you and he can even be picked up by confident carers, although you do need to get to know him well before he will allow this!


Wizz keeps his kennel in pristine condition and is fully housetrained. He is a small, cute little lad who doesn’t take up a lot of space (except in personality of course!) and, even though he is very active, he doesn’t need lots of exercise. He is happy to have a run around in the garden and to play with his toys when he is settled inside. He would like his new owners to join him for fun and games though! He really does enjoy his play time.


Wizz is going to make a lovely little companion to someone who appreciates the cheeky little character a terrier has to offer. He is fun, active, loves his walks and will settle in nicely for a relaxing time at home. He has waited a very long time to find his perfect person so if you think you are the one for him, please consider bringing him home and giving him the comfy, loving home he deserves!


Here is an adorable video of this little scamp in action!

If you could make Wizz’s dream come true and offer him a loving home this Christmas, please contact Foal Farm as follows:

Tel: 01959 572386
Email: dogs@foalfarm.org.uk

Please mention that you saw Wizz on the Oldies Club website.


This replaces Wizz’s original page dated 19 October 2012.

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