This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.

Amber (Dogs Trust Harefield, London)

10/11/17 – At last! Amber has found a home!

Amber is a very sporty and stylish 10 year old German Wirehaired Pointer who has been waiting at Dogs Trust’s Harefield rehoming centre in London for far too long. Amber now has her own comfy chair in her kennel, but this just isn’t the same as true home comforts, and it isn’t the fun, rural lifestyle she craves, with people to call her own. Please share Amber’s page to help her get noticed by as many pointer lovers as possible. This beautiful girl doesn’t deserve to be stuck in rescue.

For a good introduction to Amber, here is a sweet video of her enjoying some playtime at Dogs Trust:

Amber will make a wonderful companion to someone with pointer experience. She needs to be your only dog as she doesn’t like other dogs, but Dogs Trust have put a lot of work into this, and Amber can now remain relaxed when walking with other dogs in sight. A quiet walking area would still be best for Amber though as she wouldn’t want to be surrounded by other dogs, especially when she is still getting used to her new owner.

Amber is a lively and fun-loving lady who will want to take part in whatever is going on at her new home. She bonds strongly with her owner and so she won’t want to be left on her own too much. If you work from home in a rural location and want an active friend to take for a couple of nice big walks to break up your day and ensure you stretch your legs, Amber would be ideal.

Alternatively, perhaps she might be able to go to work with you, if your workplace is a suitable environment. Amber is a good traveller.

Amber likes to have a settled routine and would like a calm, relaxed home without children. Even though she’s still energetic, once she’s had a good walk she is happy to settle down and she would enjoy cuddling up with you on the sofa in the evening to read a book or catch up on some TV.

Dogs Trust Harefield sent us this update on Amber:
“Since Amber’s last write up she has been up to a fair bit. She is a lot more chilled-out in herself now, she enjoys having a cuddle and playing hide and seek for food.

Although she has been dog reactive in the past we have put a lot of work in to her and she can now walk relaxed with other dogs in sight. She has built up a very good bond with her carer and they have been doing lots of fun training together. She will still need a fairly quiet walking area when she goes home to give her the best chance to succeed.

After her long walk over the lake she loves to snuggle down on her chair for an afternoon nap. She may be an older lady but she is still very young at heart and enjoys being involved with everything. Amber travels well in the car and she is housetrained.

Amber’s ideal home would be calm and relaxed where she has a regular routine to settle in to with someone who is around for most of the day as she likes company. She could potentially go to work with her new family if it was a secure environment. Although Amber is still very active and on the go she does enjoy her snuggle time and loves to cuddle in to you so would be the perfect partner to share the sofa in the evenings with you.”

If you think you could have the right home for Amber, please contact Dogs Trust’s Harefield rehoming centre as follows:

Tel: 01895 453930

Please mention that you saw Amber on the Oldies Club website.
This replaces Amber’s original Oldies Club page dated 8 February 2017.

Rehomed This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.