Beth (NAWT, Cornwall)

Beth is an intriguingly quirky 12 year old Border Collie girl who is in the care of NAWT Cornwall, in Hayle. Beth arrived in rescue from a happy, rural life, doing as she pleased, out and about on a smallholding. Beth therefore has a farm collie’s mentality so ideally needs a similar home setup, preferably a secure, quiet farm or smallholding where she can be left to her own devices to play with her toys.

In her previous home, Beth used to spend her days between the farmhouse kitchen and wandering around the smallholding. At night she slept in the kitchen (which only had a table and chairs and Beth’s bed in there). Beth needs her indoor space to be ‘minimalist’, or at least to not have soft furnishings, as she does like to play tuggy with curtains and pull stuffing out of cushions, even when you are in the house with her. She thinks that soft furnishings are just big toys and has decided that she is far too set in her ways to accept a different point of view on this matter. She therefore needs a room that is fairly bare, like her old kitchen.

Beth does like to be with her people, but she doesn’t like to be fussed over (and could possibly nip) so needs hands-off owners who are happy to simply leave her alone, enjoying herself in her own little world, having her own collie thoughts and ideas. In time, and after a lot of collie-style consideration of the subject, Beth would be able to accept some stroking from her new owner, but she is sensitive around her neck and back end. NAWT always ask for potential adopters to do lots of visits with the dog they are interested in, so Beth would be able to start to get used to you before contemplating going home with you.

Beth needs a home with no resident or visiting children. She could possibly live with a compatible dog (she has done previously) but she isn’t cat friendly. And any chickens etc. would need to be securely fenced off. Beth’s favourite thing in the world is her toys. She tries to cram as many in her mouth as possible, and doesn’t like to give them back!, and she will destroy them if they’re soft ones.

Beth does have her quirks, but she is such an independent character that you can’t help but smile at her! She will be a great companion if she is just left to be herself. She’s too stubborn and set in her ways to change. She is incredibly nosey too.

If you think your home would be perfect for Beth, and you are happy to stand back and smile at her antics, please contact NAWT Cornwall as follows:

Phone: 01736 756005

You can read about Rehoming dogs from NAWT here.

Please mention that you saw Beth on the Oldies Club website.

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