Bonnie (Bath Cats and Dogs Home)

Affectionately known as BonBon, Bonnie is a 10 year old, Aylestone Bulldog who, last year, survived cancer and had some lumps successfully removed. She is looking for a lovely person to give her a quiet retirement home for her final years with the help of Bath Cats and Dogs Home.

BonBon can be shy with new people so you will need to visit a few times to get to know her. She will lean into you for a fuss and especially likes having her back scratched, staying close to you.

BonBon is a clever girl who knows lots of commands, including giving both paws, stay, down and a very impressive roll-over! She is playful and likes to throw her soft toys around! Play the video here to see her in action.

BonBon is not good with other dogs, but she is very well-behaved on-lead and will walk past dogs nicely. She is trained to wear a muzzle out and about. However, particularly in the summer, she prefers to stay at home so the rescue would be happy to home her as a companion dog – so it doesn’t matter if you can’t get out often.

Bonnie is looking for a quiet home, without too many people coming and going as she is nervous in large groups, where any children are older and she can enjoy your company.
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If you would like to offer adorable BonBon her retirement home, please contact Bath Cats and Dogs Home as follows:

Tel: 01225 787331

Please mention you saw Bonnie on the Oldies Club website.

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