Chouquette and Donnie (Terrier SOS, Norfolk)

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Terrier SOS rescued two very sad girls from France – and one of them was the darling Chouquette who was used for hunting and then left abandoned.

Chouquette came to the UK and was so very frightened of people, sounds and pretty much anything and she needed to go somewhere safe until a foster home could be arranged for her which could help her adjust to modern life.


Then, something amazing happened – Chouquette became a companion and a big sister to a very frightened boy in rescue called Donnie. Before Chouquette, Donnie wouldn’t interact or play with anyone and was so afraid of people. Both dogs had such a difficult start to life but they bonded and are each other’s strength.

So the two must be adopted together. Chouquette is about 12 and is a Fox Terrier Cross. Donnie is 9 and is a wire-haired Fox terrier. They will both need a home that will be a quiet retirement home. They would do well in a semi-rural or rural home that has a nice large, secure garden. They can spend their days playing in the garden and cuddling with their family at night.

Chouquette is the braver of the two and Donnie will follow her lead. They can’t live with young children or small furries. They are currently in Norfolk and the prospective family would be expected to be able to visit them a few times before adoption – this will allow the dogs to get used to them and make their transition far less stressful.

Chouquette and Donnie are dog friendly and, of course, people friendly – but they need time and patience – they are the sweetest pair and just deserve to be living in a forever home.

Both are vaccinated, neutered and ready for their home. Chouquette has a passport but Donnie does not.
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