Grace (Southern Lurcher Rescue, fostered Suffolk)

Gorgeous Grace really does deserve her forever sofa! She has been loved very much in her adoptive home, but circumstances have changed for her adopter and she now finds herself back into the care of Southern Lurcher Rescue to find a new, forever home or foster home. Grace has been in foster care in Suffolk for 16 months now and it’s time to go home. It’s believed she should not be rehomed with a man in the house and would be better off with an all-female home.

Her change of circumstanes is very sad for all concerned and particularly for Grace, who was very happy in her family. She is a 7 year old Greyhound Cross. She is a lovely girl and is child friendly and other dog friendly when she gets to know them, having accepted several fosters into the home. However, her foster mum feels that she really needs an isolated home where she won’t be walked and bump into other walkers with off-lead dogs. She really panics and then reacts when dogs come up to her.

Grace just wants some love, walks and quiet life in a home with someone who has a lot of land and doesn’t go out that much but is happy for her to have walks around within the perimeter of their land. She just needs a home where she is going to have at least half an acre garden to potter around in, or where the adopter doesn’t meet anyone out on her walks. The problem for Jemima is that dogs run up to her and because she only sees shadows she gets scared and lunges, and then could pull anyone unstable over. So, a fit person who is around most of the time, no other dogs at home and isolated walks would be absolutely perfect.

Grace is a big girlie. She came into SLR 3 years ago nervous and extremely cautious of everyone. She is still timid and will get to know you in her own good time. When she does, she likes to have a snuggle.

Grace just wants a quiet life with a run off-lead and a warm comfy sofa to snooze on. So she is looking for a home with an all-female household and with either one other, submissive dog or no other dogs. She is a timid dog, but soon is up for a cuddle once she knows you. She does trust but doesn’t like too busy an environment, so SLR would like to move her to a quiet, permanent home.

Please spread the word. Grace is the most loyal faithful girl who loves and gets a bond with her foster mum easily, but can dominate other dogs she lives with, asking for attention and pushing them out. Her foster mum is happy to talk to any prospective adopters.

Grace is not hard work, can be left for up to 4 hours, has been clean in the home and walks well on a halti. She is not cat/small furry friendly. There are some lovely photos on her thread here.
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Please help Grace and offer her the loving foster/permanent home she deserves and contact Southern Lurcher Rescue as follows:

Tel: 07940 555 574 (Jenny between 10.00am and 6:00pm)

Please mention that you saw Grace on the Oldies Club website.

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