Jess & Maddie (Evesham Greyhound & Lurcher Rescue, Worcestershire)

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Jess (left) and Maddie (right) are two 14 year old, lovely Lurcher girls who came into the care of Evesham Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue in Worcestershire as a strongly bonded pair. They’re really good with other dogs and would be happy to live as part of a bigger pack or just as the easy-going pair they are. Older, dog-savvy children would be fine for them but not cats. A peaceful retirement with plenty of fuss and lounging time will be just the ticket for these two ladies, but they still love their walks as well!

…with a chance to stop and admire the view (i.e. catch their breath)…

…followed by a nice, long lie down.

Napping is one of their all time favourite things, after cuddles and walks. Being part Greyhound, their capacity for relaxation is quite impressive. However, when the mood takes them they’re both playful – whether it’s with other dogs, tennis balls (they’re Maddie’s passion) or water. They both get very silly when a hose is turned on! They’re also helpful in the garden…

Maddie and Jess are sensible, contented girls and can be left for a few hours. As long as they have each other and comfy beds, they’ll just wait for you to return…

…Jess will need her special carrying toy and blankie, of course.

Once you’re home, Maddie and Jess will overwhelm you with cuddles and kisses like they do with their current foster Mum. They’re a very soppy pair!

Their foster Mum said, “…all I want to give them is a home to call their very own. Please don’t get me wrong, I love them and they have warm snugly beds, toys and treats at hand daily, full bellies, and yes they are spoilt rotten but they have to share my love, my time and space with so many, when they deserve so much more than I can offer them. Yes the tears will fall, my heart will break but I know they need to live out whatever time they have left on this Earth in their own special home.”

They’re both in good health, although Maddie has a slight heart murmur. It doesn’t impact on her life at all and just means she shouldn’t over do things. Not that that’s likely!

If you can offer Maddie and Jess all the cuddles, walkies and nap time they seek please contact Evesham Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue as follows:

Phone:  Pip on  01386 853 971  (after 5pm weekdays, anytime on weekends)

or Linda on  0121 258 4510   (4pm-10pm weekdays)


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