Mike (Dogs Trust Newbury, Berkshire)

29/5/20 – Mike still needs a home!

Mike is a 9 year old Staffy Cross who is at Dogs Trust Newbury and has been waiting there for someone to fall in love with his brindly charms.

If you’d like to offer a home to an overlooked dog, then please consider Mike. He’s a fun lad who still has lots of energy. He loves to play fetch and will merrily bring his tennis ball back to your feet ready to be thrown, over and over again!

Mike has been at Dogs Trust so long that they have made him a sponsor dog, but that doesn’t mean that he no longer needs a home. Far from it! This boy needs love and care from a special someone. His special someone.

Mike was found as a stray and so Dogs Trust have no background history for him, but they have got to know him well in the time he has been in kennels.

If you have plenty of dog experience and enjoy training, you would be ideal for Mike as he can be a bit boisterous. He is currently having training to help him keep calm when he would otherwise get over-excited!

Mike is looking for an active adult-only home where he is the only pet. He is a happy boy to be around and he will bring so much fun to your life. He enjoys meeting new people and is a friendly boy. He loves tasty treats too so he is happy to learn new things in return for a moreish morsel.

Mike loves his toys and playing games. And when playtime is over he loves nothing more than a cuddle. He just needs a lovely owner or two to cuddle up to.

Mike is too young and full of life to have to contemplate spending the rest of his life in kennels, but unless someone comes forward to offer him a suitable home, that is exactly what could happen. There are too many homeless dogs and too few loving homes! It’s such a sad fact.

Mike doing his best sad face. Handsome eh?

If you could offer Mike an adult home where he will be your only pet, please contact Dogs Trust Newbury as follows:

Tel: 01488 658839

Please mention that you saw Mike featured on the Oldies Club website.
This replaces Mike’s original Oldies Club page dated 1 December 2016.

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