Nancy (Boxer and Bully Saviours, fostered Huddersfield)

Lovely old Nancy hasn’t had an easy life. She was used for breeding and has spent many sad years starved of affection. Nancy is currently in a Boxer and Bully Saviours foster home in Huddersfield, but she’s looking for either a permanent home, or a lifetime foster.

Not only has Nancy had a tough life, the poor girl now has arthritis in all her legs. She’s on medication, but the rescue will pay for this so please don’t let it deter you from enquiring about her. She obviously doesn’t want loads of exercise, but she does enjoy a leisurely stroll and would be great for anyone who doesn’t want to walk for miles.

Nancy’s favourite thing in the whole world is getting some fuss and attention. Give her a stroke or a cuddle and she’s ecstatic! When she bonds with you she can be quite clingy, understandably considering her background, but she just needs some firm boundaries so that she doesn’t get too jealous. Her ideal home would be with someone who is at home a lot of the time.

Nancy is a little choosy with her doggie friends, but with a responsible introduction she could probably share with another calm dog. She wouldn’t want to be jumped all over, but she does enjoy playing. Any children in the home would need to be older, because of Nancy’s arthritis, and sadly no cats please. She is fine with some, but a little too interested in others!

Please can someone give this lovely old girl a chance? She has a few good years of retirement left and just wants to make up for the past.


If you could offer Nancy a permanent or lifetime foster home, please complete the form on Boxer and Bully Saviours website and say Nancy is the dog you are interested in.

Please mention that you saw Nancy on the Oldies Club website.


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