Otto (Safe Rescue, kennelled Norfolk)



This incredibly sweet and handsome boy is Otto.  He is a gorgeous large black and tan crossbreed lad possibly German Shepherd cross Bloodhound! He has sadly been waiting for a new home for far too long!  At present, he is in the care of Safe Rescue and is kennelled in Norfolk.

Otto is around 9 years old and looking at him now you would never believe the life he had before coming over to the UK back in 2015 from a public shelter in Romania.  He was kept in a 6ft x 6ft pen and must have been going stir crazy as he was never allowed out of it, poor lad! Before that it is believed he was kept as a guard dog on the end of a large chain living off scraps with no love or kindness to break up his miserable days.

When he first arrived, he was in a terrible condition and it took Otto a while to settle in which is not surprising after the life he had led previously.

Poor Otto in his cage back in Romania!

He was taken in by a lovely foster carer who soon became very fond of him and here is what she had to say about this sweet boy:

“He loves people and enjoys a fuss. He now greets me with his long tail wagging happily. He gets on well with my 2 big dogs (both bitches), but not sure he’s great with small dogs. Introductions to dogs living with you would have to be done carefully.

He absolutely loves his walks and is quite strong on the lead and can pull at times. He is fairly lacking in manners so will need someone who can show him the right way, but during his short time here he has improved massively and is a quick learner (if there is food).

He has the agility and energy of a much younger dog. However, his hearing is not what it should be, whether this is age related or trauma who knows. He can hear (and perhaps it’s selective!) and certainly understands a sharp “ah” when about to do something I don’t want him to. He has quickly learnt the gestures for “sit”, “come/this way” and knows that a flat palm held up is “stop/wait”. He does love his toys and loves a rope tug toy which would suggest he had a family at some point, or someone loved him enough to play with him.”

Unfortunately, through unforeseen circumstances the foster carer was unable to keep Otto and sadly he once again returned to kennel life.

Look at me now, Aren’t I a handsome boy!

Amazingly, since going back to kennels he has thrived even more and enjoys having a regular routine of food, exercise and kindness which he has in abundance and now you see a happy and very healthy looking boy. What a difference two years of love and care can make!

Otto will be an attentive, loving companion who is completely devoted to his human friends.  He is a bright and intelligent boy who would love a fairly active adult only home preferably with an experienced owner of large breeds who will continue his training.

He cannot live with a cat, but may be able to live with another companion after careful introductions. He may prefer to be the only dog in the home so he can enjoy all the fuss and cuddles to himself.

Would you like to come and play with me?

He enjoys going for his walks.  He is a little strong on the lead, but with lots of positive training he should soon start to improve.  He would enjoy a couple of walks each day and also a garden to explore and play in would be ideal for him as he does love his toys and enjoys having a game with them.

All Otto needs now is for his very special someone to come along and meet him to see what a wonderful boy he truly is and hopefully very soon he will have an even bigger smile on his beautiful face than he already has at the moment.

He does not deserve to spend the rest of his life in kennels, he should be enjoying life in a home surrounded by love and affection for the rest of his life as he certainly deserves nothing less.

So if you think you could give this wonderful boy a loving new home and would like to find out more, then please contact Safe Rescue as follows:

Phone or text  07788 251197 or 07899 844524
Or E-mail:
You can also see more of Otto and message the rescue on facebook here.

If you’re unable to help him directly, either by adopting or fostering him, please share this page and spread the word. He will be forever grateful. Otto is a very Good Boy and deserves his happy retirement to start ASAP!

Please make sure to mention that you saw handsome Otto on the Oldies Club website.

This replaces Otto’s original Oldies Club page dated 8th January 2017

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