Peaches (RSPCA Essex South West, kennelled London)

Sweet Peaches is the prettiest and perkiest 10 year old crossbreed you could ever hope to meet. She is an absolute delight so queue up now for your chance to take her home. Peaches was found abandoned and is now safely in the care of RSPCA Essex South West who are assisting this lovely lady find the loving home she deserves. Peaches is in kennels in Chingford.
Peaches will be an absolute pleasure to care for. In fact she is almost perfect in her manners and is very well trained. Since she was abandoned, the rescue has no background information on her but she seems very friendly and loving.
Peaches would make a perfect companion for a couple or single person. She can also live with a family with children over the age of 10. She prefers to be your only pet and she offers more than enough love on her own!

Peaches walks beautifully on the lead with her harness. She loves playing ball, going for long walks with people and other dogs. She also knows how to sit, give paw and sit up and beg on her back legs! She acts much younger than she is and will be a fun dog to have around.

Peaches generally ignores other dogs, but if they invade her personal space she is reactive towards them which is why she should be an only dog in her new home. And no cats please. They are an offense to dogs everywhere!

So if you are looking for a well mannered, well trained and playful dog, please consider Peaches, as she really does fit the bill.

If you are interested in Peaches, please contact RSPCA Essex South West as follows:

Phone: 07876 753228 (Sociable hours only)

Please mention you saw Peaches on the Oldies Club website.

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