Silvio (Safe Rescue, kennelled Norfolk)


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Silvio is a very affectionate 8-year-old Crossbreed boy who is being rehomed by Safe Rescue and is in kennels in North Walsham, Norfolk. Safe Rescue would love to find Silvio a permanent home, but if you could offer to foster him while he waits, that would be wonderful as he so deserves some home comforts.

Safe Rescue are concerned that no-one will ever want poor Silvio because he’s a big lad and a bit plain-looking, but we think Silvio is absolutely gorgeous and we hope that someone reading this page does too!

Silvio has a sad past, and although he doesn’t want to dwell on it, he thinks you will probably want to know about it. He spent years in a 6ft by 6ft pen with very little time, attention or affection given to him. He had a wooden crate to sleep on and not enough food. He was living in his own filth much of the time.

Silvio isn’t good with other dogs because he is used to having to compete to get food etc., but he can walk past them on his lead so long as you give him a firm NO to remind him to be good. He needs to stay on his lead, but this isn’t a problem as he walks nicely.

Silvio is an absolute dream with people. He is so sweet and he cuddles right in to you, desperate to be loved.

He is housetrained, bless him, and he should be fine to be left on his own for a short time. He needs to be your only pet and his ideal home would be a quiet family where any children are aged over 10.

He isn’t a playful lad just yet, as he hasn’t been in an environment where playing was on the agenda, but you never know, once he has settled into the life of Riley, he might discover the joys of a game with a toy!

You can see more photos of Silvio on Facebook, including some taken when he first arrived with Safe Rescue looking very sad and thin, poor lad. :(

Come on folks, Silvio’s story really does deserve a happy ending – could you be the person to make that happen?


To enquire about Silvio, please contact Safe Rescue (quoting his ref. 0673303 and his location ref. FR004) as follows:

Phone or text: 07788 251197 or 07899 844524
Or message them through their Facebook page – click here.

Please mention that you saw Silvio on the Oldies Club website.

This replaces Silvio’s original Oldies Club page dated 20 December 2016.

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