This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.

Tara (Carla Lane Animals in Need, Liverpool)

27/11/17 – Tara has been rehomed! :) – Have a wonderful life beautiful girl

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Tara is 7 years old and she is a petite, dainty-legged little Staffy Cross girl who has been at Carla Lane Animals in Need in Liverpool for a while now, waiting for her new person to find her. We hope that will happen soon!

Tara was rehomed by Carla Lane Animals in Need a few years ago, but sadly one of Tara’s owners suddenly became very ill. Tara seemed confused and upset about what was happening to her owner and she nipped her. Tara still had a great relationship with her male owner, but because of her being frightened by her female owner’s illness, she could no longer stay there. So Tara is back in rescue, waiting for the offer of a lovely quiet home where she can be someone’s┬ácompanion.

We think that some of these beautiful photos of Tara are quite deceptive as she probably looks larger on the photos than she actually is. If you look at the photo below, either that’s a giant’s hand on Tara, or Tara is in fact quite dinky!

We’ve checked this with the rescue and they confirm that she is quite small for a Staffy cross and is more like the size of a large Patterdale, below knee height, and she weighs just 14kg.

Tara is looking for a quiet home without children or pets, where she will be left to get on with her life as she wants to. She’s happy to have a fuss and a tickle when she wants that, but at times when she wants to be left on her own, she’d like you to do just that. If you’re the type of person that likes to have your dog nearby for company but you aren’t wanting to be fussing and cuddling it all the time, crowding its personal space, Tara could be your new companion.

Tara is basically a friendly, happy, playful girl. She loves playing fetch with her squeaky toys, and then she likes to chew the squeak out! She certainly isn’t old and doddery – she still enjoys a walk and a run around.

Tara is fully housetrained and she is OK to be left on her own for a few hours.

Tara doesn’t like being manhandled too much or bossed around (and who can blame her – neither do I!).

If Tara asks for a fuss, she enjoys it, but she doesn’t want you to go over the top with it and will have a little grumble when she’s ready for you to stop. She just wants to quietly get on with things on her own. She wouldn’t want to be picked up unless she had asked to be picked up. That kind of thing. Are you getting the idea? Tara’s way of thinking? She just wants a quiet life, you see. As long as affection is on Tara’s terms, everything is fine!

So if you are a quiet, calm person looking for an independent, intelligent, playful little friend, Tara is waiting to meet you. She’s pretty fed up of being in kennels.

To enquire about Tara, please contact Carla Lane Animals in Need as follows:

Tel: 0151 549 0959

Please mention that you saw Tara featured on the Oldies Club website.

This replaces Tara’s original page dated 22 December 2016.

Rehomed This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.