This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.

Vincent (Safe Rescue, Norfolk)

29/3/2018 – Great news! Vincent has found a home after a long time waiting! Have a great life Vinnie!

Vincent, or Vinnie as he’s known to his friends, is keeping his paws firmly crossed that a lovely someone will give him the wonderful home he truly deserves. He was in foster care but has now, sadly, moved to kennels in Norfolk under the care of Safe Rescue and now needs his forever home even more.

Adorable Vinnie is a medium-sized Crossbreed. His passport says he is 9 years old but Safe Rescue think he is younger…probably around 7.

Vinnie has had a hard time in life and was found in a terrible state on the streets of Romania. He was bald and scratched raw with mange. His skin and coat are still not perfect, but his condition is very comfortable now and time and good care will soon restore him to the handsome boy nature intended him to be.

Vinnie is quite a lazy dog … actually, he’s a very lazy dog! It is not for us to judge him because, when you’ve suffered years of neglect and discomfort, the sheer delight of relaxing on a sofa with a full belly is pure heaven … and this is how he likes to spend his time.

Vinnie is new to lead walking and lacks confidence when out and about. Who knows, maybe when he gets more used to being out and about and loses the feeling of vulnerability he will be more enthusiastic about his daily exercise. Right now, he is more relieved just to get home.

Vinnie likes the company of another dog but is easily intimidated by boisterousness, so a fairly quiet, but confident, companion would suit him well. Vinnie is jumpy around young children and loud noises but with calm children, he really does enjoy a fuss.

This rather sad, a little old before his time, boy just needs a lot of love and TLC. He has suffered a lot in his life and now needs to be compensated with a loving, retirement home.
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If you could love Vinnie and give him the cosy home he deserves, please call or message Safe Rescue as follows:

Tel: 07788 251197 or 07899 844524
For more information you can see Vinnies facebook and album page here

Please mention that you saw Vincent on the Oldies Club website.

Rehomed This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.