Zooming Bailey, the 100 mph dog (Oldies Club)

Bailey, the Cocker Spaniel arrived in his Oldies Club foster home and it was soon clear that he intended to make it his forever home.  His fosterers fell for his many charms and adopted him.  He’s having a wonderful life now with loads of fun and company.   This is what his proud owner has to say about him:

“Bailey is still enjoying life at one hundred miles an hour although he will now sit and wait politely before going through the door so we don’t catapult out the house any more.   My two daughters and I took him on a wee holiday , 2 nights in the Lake District and he was very good on the trains and buses and very well behaved where we stayed.  He was very proud of himself organising us on the trains although he couldn’t understand why not everyone appreciated his kisses when he was bouncing down the aisle looking for his seat. 

On our long walks which he loved, we travelled at the speed of light, what energy!!!!!! We had lots of fun though and have had some nice autumn days to enjoy.   He’s just been flying through the field off lead. He looks so happy ears flapping, always makes me smile.   Bailey has already decided that I need him with me wherever I go and funnily enough I do.”